Sunday, September 28, 2014

Our First Littlebird

Yesterday we watched with love-filled hearts as our oldest daughter, Leigh, married the man of her dreams. The wedding took place in Minnesota, where they live. She was the one littlebird that remained there when the rest of the family moved back to Pennsylvania.  Planning this wedding over the last 12+ months has been a challenge because of the distance between us. Thank goodness she inherited all of my organizational genes, because it could not have been a more perfect wedding. Both she and Nevin contributed some very different ideas about the attire, but in the end it was just a beautiful wedding - both sparkly and colorful, just like their personalities!!  I am so happy to welcome my new son-in-law to our family!

I wrote the poem below for our first littlebird and gave it to her the morning of her wedding.

My very first little bird, ‘twas love at first sight
So soft was your skin, your eyes were so bright.
I bundled you up, brought you home to the nest
And mothering you has been the very best!
Through scraped knees and bee stings, and big ugly splinters,
Through springs, summers, falls and bundled up winters,
Through grade school, middle school and then teenage years,
I loved being the one to wipe away your tears.
You’ve grown into a woman who’s remarkably strong
Who knows what she wants, and just where she belongs.
Your smile is like sunshine, your laughter outrageous
Your bubbling demeanor is just plain contagious.
And now, look at you…a beautiful bride!
My heart is just bursting with love and pride.
My very first little bird, ‘twas love at first sight,
and forever and ever, each day and each night
‘til my last breath I’ll love you.  Oh, yes it is true!
My very first little bird, how I love you.

Love, Mom