Saturday, February 28, 2015

FORE... or is it FOUR??

FOUR…not rain or snow or sleet or hail can keep my honey from his latest addiction!  He has become a four-season golfer.  Now, I don’t mean traveling to warm and sunny locations during the cold, wintery months…although he does that also…I mean being creative and finding ways to play year-round golf…here…in snowy, cold Pennsylvania.

Lately my honey has decided to “up” his game, so he is taking lessons AND watches every golf coach known to man on the Golf Channel or the computer.  He practices all the time.  In the house, in the mancave, and probably in his dreams!

One of his newest mancave toys is a golf simulator where he plays golf every day, and sometimes is joined by one of his golfing buddies.  He has purchased special clubs and gadgets to help correct what is wrong with his life-long swing.  He is determined to “get it right” so he can play out his retired years the correct way.

Today I looked out the window and found him standing in the driveway hitting balls towards the creek.  Not sure what happens when it is mowing time.  Maybe at Easter we can do a “golf ball hunt” instead of an “Easter egg hunt”!  FORE!!!

Monday, December 29, 2014

I am almost perfect...

As I slowly descend that hill I climbed so rapidly in my youth, I realize that this side of the hill can be quite comical.  I guess having a good attitude about aging helps.  After all, we really have no control over it, so why fight it!

There are several things I have gotten really good at as I age.  Most of them bring my children to a state of embarrassment, or if nothing else…doubled over in laughter.  Hopefully when they reach my age they will accept their children’s reactions as joyfully as I accept theirs!

Things I have perfected:
Brushing my teeth while squatting…really helps with lower back issues.

Holding on to or leaning on the wall while putting on my underwear and pants…really helps from falling over!

Buckling or unbuckling shoes/boots with my foot propped on the bed…can’t seem to twist and bend anymore!

Snoring, I have really perfected this!  My poor husband spends most nights on the floor or in the recliner in our room…geesh,  get over it, already!   LOL!

Getting up in the morning - a 3 part process - sit-up, stand-up, count to 3 before moving…really helps with the blood flow so that I can move!

Talking to myself including having a two-way conversation…my daughter gets a real kick out this!  I was actually having an argument with myself the other day which went something like this “Yes”…”No”… “ummm Yes”.  At least I got the answer I wanted!!
Turning up the TV…I think the remote does not work properly, because a “25” used to be perfect and now it’s more like a “30”!  Better yet try CLOSED CAPTION!!!  Love it!

Smiling and nodding when I haven’t a clue what you just said to me…I can’t help it if a) you don’t look at me when you talk to me and b) you talk like you have marbles in your mouth!!

Tooting, you know, without warning…oh, well, what more can I say???

Forgetting everything that anyone has told me…write it down when it’s said if it’s important!  The old hard drive ain't what it used to be!

Sharing and comparing with my friends the latest and greatest medications we are currently on…somehow these I don’t forget!!

Being more patient with my grandchild, and less patient with telemarketers and uninformed customer service representatives…’nuf said.

Talking more and more about how I should a) diet and b) exercise more…talking is good, right?

Walking slowly up and down steps…my knees don’t seem to bend as easily as a few years ago!

But, by far, the best thing I have perfected is:
Spending more time with a) my honey and b) my girlfriends…FINALLY now that the kids are grown it’s ME TIME!!!

Looking forward to what else I can perfect over the next couple of decades!!  Practice makes perfect!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Merry Christmas from our Santas to yours!!

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
For Carrie was bartending at a place we call DUBS,
Where one can get cold beer and some really great grub!

Jessie’s there, too, and much like Carrie you’ll find
She cooks, waits on tables, and makes all “tow the line”!
The two of them spend every spare moment there
Growing the business with responsibilities they share.

Now, Patty in her DUBS shirt stops by quite a lot
To work on the books and give hostessing a shot.
She also spends time, once a week, it is known
At the front desk of their church answering the phone.

While Lex in his golf cap looks forward to each day
That he can get out on the golf course to play!
He works hard at growing his own business also
A place that goes by a name he calls Latro.

The others aren’t nestled all snug in their beds.
Will lives in New York, works at Joe Allen’s instead.
He comes home to visit when time does allow
And sings Karaoke at DUBS for the crowd.

Little Cailyn has grown up and now goes to school
It’s first grade where she has a chance to be cool.
She loves taking dance class, jazz, tap and ballet.
She keeps us all on our toes every day!

Now Leigh, she has found her partner for life.
In September she became Nevin Brede’s wife.
So, the stockings that hang by our chimney here
Will just keep growing like our family, so dear.

While Santas may wear many hats
and spread the magic of Christmas,
may we never forget the true meaning of this holiday.
Wishing you God’s blessings in the New Year.
Love, The Wilkinsons

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Our First Littlebird

Yesterday we watched with love-filled hearts as our oldest daughter, Leigh, married the man of her dreams. The wedding took place in Minnesota, where they live. She was the one littlebird that remained there when the rest of the family moved back to Pennsylvania.  Planning this wedding over the last 12+ months has been a challenge because of the distance between us. Thank goodness she inherited all of my organizational genes, because it could not have been a more perfect wedding. Both she and Nevin contributed some very different ideas about the attire, but in the end it was just a beautiful wedding - both sparkly and colorful, just like their personalities!!  I am so happy to welcome my new son-in-law to our family!

I wrote the poem below for our first littlebird and gave it to her the morning of her wedding.

My very first little bird, ‘twas love at first sight
So soft was your skin, your eyes were so bright.
I bundled you up, brought you home to the nest
And mothering you has been the very best!
Through scraped knees and bee stings, and big ugly splinters,
Through springs, summers, falls and bundled up winters,
Through grade school, middle school and then teenage years,
I loved being the one to wipe away your tears.
You’ve grown into a woman who’s remarkably strong
Who knows what she wants, and just where she belongs.
Your smile is like sunshine, your laughter outrageous
Your bubbling demeanor is just plain contagious.
And now, look at you…a beautiful bride!
My heart is just bursting with love and pride.
My very first little bird, ‘twas love at first sight,
and forever and ever, each day and each night
‘til my last breath I’ll love you.  Oh, yes it is true!
My very first little bird, how I love you.

Love, Mom  

Friday, May 23, 2014

Wax On...Wax Off

So, the other day I was cleaning up the house, you know, bouncing from room to room putting things away in their proper spots, folding blankets, fluffing pillows, etc.  We’ve all been there, especially if we have been away for a full day, and left the house unattended, or should I say attended only by a husband, a daughter and a granddaughter.  Things tend to get a bit “messy”.
As I was flitting to and fro I decided I was going to discard the candle that was in the warmer and replace it with a new one.  I turned it off…good thinking…but did not wait for it to cool so the wax could harden.  Instead, I reached in and lifted it out, and while trying to place it on the bar to cool it slipped from my fingers.  Uh-oh!!!  “Wax on!”

The candle jar flipped over and poured hot wax all over the bar, the bar stools, and the floor.  What a mess!!  Now, I had to stand there and watch it harden so that I could clean it up!  Plastic spatula in hand I began the very long and tedious process of scraping up the cooled wax.  This worked pretty well for the bar and floor, but not the upholstered seats of the stools.  That required an iron, an extension cord, an old towel and more patience than I had in the moment.  After about 2 hours of the “wax off” part, I just gave up.

Lesson learned…just get over the house being a little “messy”.  There are bigger worries than things out of place…or unfolded blankets…or candles that no longer make the house smell like flowers.

Worries like stiff and sore knees from scraping wax off a floor!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Showers

This year two very special ladies are getting married.  First, my beautiful daughter, Leigh, will marry the man of her dreams in September.  She is the first of my children to get married, and it has been a great joy to help her with the planning…even if it’s been “long distance” as she lives in MN and I live in PA.  We are so excited to welcome Nevin into our family.  Another son for us!!!  The other special lady is my daughter, Carrie’s lifelong best friend, Jamie.  Jamie has been a part of our lives for a very long time, and is considered to be like “one of our kids”.  She is marrying her soulmate, Dave in June.  Blessings all around!

It was my great privilege to host both of their bridal showers in April at the BlessInn.  What fun!!!  I love having my home filled with people, and what better way to do it, then with such a happy occasion as a bridal shower!!

Although these April showers did not bring May flowers, they will bring wedding flowers, and celebrate the love of two couples who are beginning new lives together.   I pray their marriages will be filled with LOVE and HAPPINESS.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Bridge

I have been very blessed in my life to have been given wonderful parents.  They have taught me many valuable lessons…lessons that have helped me to become the person I am today.  Lessons like working hard to accomplish a goal, unconditional love, forgiveness, the importance of family, respect, having strong morals, and how to work through hard times together.  These lessons were not always taught by words, but by their actions…actions of good and decent people…people that God entrusted to take care of me on this earth.

My sisters and I spent the last several weeks by my dad’s side as his health was declining. He had gone back and forth several times from the hospital to the nursing home.  He ended up in the hospital for the last time on Monday.  He kept telling us “I quit, I’m tired of this game”.  We knew his time here on earth was nearly complete.

My dad crossed “the bridge” yesterday and joined my mom in heaven. The day before he died he said many things as his life passed before him, some good and some painful.  He repeated over and over “I love all my girls”.  He sang to my mom…My Sweet Irish Rose and said quite clearly that the first and last time he walked side by side with Bea was down the aisle.  My sisters and I knew what this meant, as he often told us that during their life together she always walked 10 steps ahead of him.  He spoke of his mother, who passed when he was a young boy, and kept repeating “Red Rover, Red Rover come on over”. Could it be his mother wanted him to cross the bridge and he wasnt quite ready to say good-bye?  Just before he took his last breath, he said “bridge…bridge…bridge”. He finally took that step into heaven.

With heavy hearts we said good-bye, but we know that he is finally at peace and does not have to “play the game” any longer.  He leaves behind, not only me and my two sisters, but MANY people who loved him.  That became quite evident by the kind words people have said about him to me since his passing.

Thank you daddy…for loving me…caring for me…and teaching me.  I hope that I made you proud!

And as I told mommy when she crossed the bridge…it’s not good-bye…it’s “see you later!”