Monday, September 11, 2017

Pete and Repeat

Getting older is a very comical process. You lose everything - your sight, your teeth, your agility, your balance, your memory and yes, your hearing.

All weekend long we walked everywhere. (Other than our bike ride and Surry adventure) Carol is much like our mom used to be, and sprints out ahead. I could easily keep up with her, but I feel bad leaving Marcia behind, who only "strolls", as she described it. So most of the time we were in line - Carol, then me,then Marcia.

Now we all suffer from hearing loss - just like our mother, and our grandmother, and our aunts on that side. The loss is at varying levels, but let's face it, we don't hear like we used to!!

Carol would make a comment - and I would respond. And no sooner did I finish, but Marcia would make the identical comment as Carol.

Here's a scenario...
A sign on a building in Cape May reads Cape May Roasters (and there's a picture of a coffee cup). Carol walks by and says -" Oh, I wonder if they have peanuts?" Second in line, (me) says -"It's a coffee shop!", as I pass the sign. Marcia approaches the sign and says -"I wonder if they have peanuts?"

And so this is how it went the entire weekend!! I just couldn't stop laughing. The two of them are connected telepathically for sure, because they were too far apart for Marcia to have heard Carol's comments. Just call them Pete and Repeat! And I'm stuck somewhere in the middle!!

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