Sunday, October 31, 2010

Can you "see" me now???

I learned a long time ago that with age comes many wonderful benefits. Let me list a few...
* adult children
* grandchildren
* a bucketful of friends
* knowing "who" you are...and being comfortable with that!

But there are also some "not so wonderful" aspects to getting older. Let me list a few more...
* achy know when you get out of bed in the morning in stages (and very slowly)
* hair in places it should not be
* saggy (baggy)skin
* weird toenails
* hot flashes
* loss of memory
* loss of hearing
* loss of know, when you can no longer read the fine print unless you take OFF your glasses...hold it as close to your face as possible...under the brightest of lights!

Those of us that wear glasses have all read something in that way! Those of you that do not wear glasses normally...or at least "claim" that you only need them to read...have it a little harder because first you have to find your glasses then go through all the stages above!

A dear friend of mine, and her husband, wear their glasses just to read. You can be in their home at any time and find several pairs of glasses in each room...on the end tables...dining counter...and bathroom sink..even tucked away in drawers. Outside you can find them on the picnic their the barn...and on the porch.

My friend even keeps a pair at my house in case she can't find hers when in need.

So...the other night we had just left a restaurant after having dinner with our friends. The guys were in the front seats while my friend and I were in the back. Why does that always happen????

My friend was digging in her purse for something...I don't even remember what now. While digging she found her cell phone...which she never has with her nor knows where it is. And of course when she finds it the battery is dead!

But also in her purse she finds three...wait, four...ummmmm five...six...oh my, seven pairs of glasses and two pairs of sunglasses!!!! She said every time she leaves home she throws a pair in her purse in case she does not have a pair in there. LOL!!!!!

I think this is where the * loss of memory comes in! about this one for those of you that always wear glasses...
* isn't it the strangest thing that you have to make sure you have your glasses on to hear something???

Saturday, October 9, 2010


So...Saturday is pool cleaning day. Now, Sebastian does a really good job, but in the fall especially he needs a little assistance from me to get all of the leaves out. If I left it up to him he would have to be running around in the pool the whole day! It's tough to find good help these days! Geesh! may be wondering why my pool is still open??? Well...simply...I forgot to call the pool company to close it until the 2nd week in September. When I did call the lady that answered the phone said "When would you like it closed?" to which I replied "Oh, the beginning of October would be great" to which she answered "Well, the first opening I have is October 23!" Now...I ask you...why didn't she just say that right up front?????

So, although I do a quick cleaning every day before work, Saturday is pool cleaning day. Complete with brushing and skimming and that a word??? I did finally turn off the heater on October 1st...after much prodding from my honey. Since no one is swimming anymore, and rarely using the hot tub...I figured he was probably right. See, my honey...I do say you are right sometimes!!

What a beautiful day it was. The sun was shining. There was a slight breeze. A perfect fall day. Cailyn was playing in the rocks by the pool, and I was scooping out leaves with the skimmer...keeping one eye on her so that she did not get too close to the edge and fall in. Thank goodness I was doing that!!!

In fact, I was paying more attention to her...and not quite enough to what I was doing. And so...guess who fell in!!! That's right!

Now I wish I hadn't listened to my honey and was still heating the pool!!! One never knows when the mood may strike you to take a little dip!!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Heaven and Hell Weekend

We are fast approaching what my daughter refers to as "Heaven and Hell Weekend.

October 31st is sweet grandlittle bird, Cailyn's third birthday! Wow, it is hard to believe that she is going to be three already. She is such a bright and beautiful part of our lives...a little bit of "heaven on earth."

Then November 1st marks the one year anniversary of our precious grandlittle bird, Carter's last day with us. Again, it is hard to believe that 12 months have passed. These days approaching have been difficult, emotional and very much "hell-like". I know my pain...I can not begin to know my daughter or Chris' pain.

Heaven and Hell Weekend...a roller coaster ride I am not wanting to take. But, I will have to none the less. I pray God grants me the strength to sit between Carrie and Chris...holding their hands as we rise to the top of that ride and then drop quickly to the bottom....

but...only to rise again. HE will bring us through this, of that I am certain.

I miss you sweet Carter. Every day...every minute...every second.