Thursday, August 20, 2009

Silver and Gold

My cyberfriend, Sarah, blogged a few weeks ago about friends, old and new. She recently moved from her home town...lifetime home town, I might not only a new town, but a new state. I know just how she feels as I moved to MN in August of 2000. It can be can be can be unbearable...and your and you to get through. It is what you make it!

When I left my hometown area of PA/NJ, I left behind family and lifetime friends also...friends of "gold; my childhood friend, Lisa-I do not have a memory of my childhood that does not include her; my adult friend, Jean-we became friends when our boys were toddlers and we worked through a lot of life crisis together; and all of those dear friends in between...buckets overflowing with "gold". I have been very blessed.

I accessorized with gold jewelry before my move to MN. I did not care much for silver. I had a few pieces that I donned occasionally, but my favorite by far was gold. Very conservative pieces. I would never mix the two...a fashion faux pas for certain!

After my move in 2000 I began to fill my buckets with "silver". Once again I have been very blessed! I made many "new" lifetime friends, those that will be a part of me forever. Those that have touched my life in ways that have helped me to become a better person, a better friend.

And during these years I began to accessorize with silver jewelry. Actually, I became obsessed with silver jewelry and began to purchase some very "funky" and fun pieces. I rarely wore my gold jewelry anymore. It sat in my jewlery box-unused for the most part. And I still would never mix the two.

After 8 1/2 years I moved back to my hometown area. It was a bittersweet event. I was thrilled to be back "home" but broken hearted at leaving all of my dear friends behind, once again. I left with buckets overflowing, but this time with "silver".

Here it is, 8 months later, and I now have the best of two worlds! Not only do I get to travel back to MN quite regularly and visit all my "new" friends, but some of them have begun to be transferred to the PA/NJ area, and I see them on a regular basis. They have been to our home and have met my "old" friends, and the two have blended quite nicely. What could be better than this!!

And now, strange as it may seem, I have learned to blend my silver and gold jewelry. I have found a few pieces that are made from both metals, and I wear them all the time. They really are quite beautiful together...they compliment each other well.

Funny how it took me so long to figure that out. Now, I can not even imagine wearing one without the other. Just gold...or only silver...not anymore!! Two precious metals...many precious friends...complimenting each other...completing me!

Friday, August 7, 2009


Our granddaughter, Cailyn, is the smartest little 21 month old I know! I am certain that no other child can match her wit or vocabulary!

We are blessed to have all four of our little birds home visiting, along with our two grandlittle birds, Carter and Cailyn. Carter is just adorable at a mere 8 weeks old. He has grown so much, right along with my love for him. All you grandmas out there understand this concept!

And Cailyn is...well...just perfect! I just can't get enough of her. I can sit for hours and just watch her...learning...wheels turning...absorbing life. She is beyond delightful...she is just heaven on earth!

My honey and I have watched her learning every one's name...all of which she repeats quite clearly...along with her ABC's! I am telling!!! She can say Leigh, Uncle Will and Grandy (that's me!) if we ask her to "say....". But Jessie and GP (that's my honey!) she says without prompting.

My honey came into the house last evening...after having worked on the farm all day...and Cailyn heard the door and shouted with glee "GPPPPPPPPP!" I must say that the look on his face was of sheer joy! My heart just smiled!

Nothing warms the heart more than hearing your grandchild say your name because they KNOW who you are! Life just keeps getting better and better.

We will continue making memories this week at the "BlessInn" counting all of our "blessin's" along the way!