Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Easter Bunny

I am so excited!! Three of my four "little" birds are returning to the nest for Easter! The fourth one can not make this trip....and she will be greatly missed.

We have always been a family that celebrates each holiday with lots of fun and insane amounts of food. Many of the traditions we started when my kiddos were little are still carried on today. Santa still comes at Christmas and the Easter Bunny arrives every Easter morning!

Sometimes the Easter Bunny hides the baskets and leaves fun clues for the kiddos to go on a scavenger hunt. The clues always make reference to something that is known and familiar to the kiddos, or an event that happened somewhere in the house...and they just know where to start searching. And, sometimes he just leaves the baskets on the dining table where each one sits.

So...this year the Easter Bunny is in a quandary. None of the kiddos know this house or where any of the familiar things may have been placed. No one has a regular seat at the dining table. Oh...what is he to do???

Family traditions should not be broken...I found this out the hard way. One time a few years ago I began a discussion with the kiddos about stopping the tradition of the Santa sacks that are filled by Santa. I was stopped abruptly by my honey who said..."you will not continue with this course of conduct!" There is a kid in each of us, and the thought of stopping this tradition was just too much for him to take! :) I must admit, I would miss this tradition, too, if it were no more. I have even passed it on to the next generation by making Cailyn...and our "almost" second grandbaby...their own version of a Santa sack!!

But sometimes traditions need to be "tweaked" a bit to fit a new circumstance. I am...trying to figure out how to "tweak" the Easter basket tradition.

I am certain I will come up with something. After all, the Easter Bunny will arrive...just as he always has...hippity hopping down the bunny trail...whether or not I am ready!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Chainsaw Party

Sunday my honey hosted his first Chainsaw Party. What is a Chainsaw Party, you ask? It is when a group of guys gather together for the purpose of cutting down as many trees as is allowed by the host. There are no rules...except of course safety first...and you must BYOC...bring your own chainsaw.

The excitement level was "off the wall"! It was actually funny to watch the "boys" full grown men disguise...put on their goggles and gloves...and pull the cords to start the saws. It was like a "start gun" had been fired and they were in a race to see who could cut the most pieces of wood in the least amount of time!

When friend D arrived with coffee and doughnuts...wait a tic...I thought my honey was hosting???...a strategy for the day was discussed...and D was assigned "in charge of safety/project manager". The discussion continued until friend W arrived...who did not want to "burn daylight" and was ready to go. So the race began...however, friend D and my honey did not quite have their chainsaws prepped for a quick start.

Tree victim #1 was identified, and friend W began the cuts. Friend D and my honey were at the truck struggling just a little with their chainsaws...friend D's would not start at all...and my honey's was a little rough (the chain was apparently not moving and the saw was smoking just a tad!) I observed all of this from a safe distance inside the house with camera in hand!! Tree victim # 1....down!

The next 5 tree victims were cut down by friend D, and quickly cut into bite-sized pieces by friend W, my honey, and friend J and his son who arrived during the tree victim #4 massacre. All in all the day went quite smoothly...except for the last tree...which I thought sure was going to be in my dining room. There was no panicking...there was no running around grabbing chains and connecting them to the tree and friend D's truck...there was no yelling...there were no wheels spinning spewing stones everywhere. Just 5 guys bonding at the first Chainsaw Party. I am certain my honey will host several more!

By the way...a huge thanks to friend D who kept everyone on their toes when it came to safety first! T...I...M...B...E...R!!!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Roll Out the Barrel

When I was a little girl we used to spend some time in the summers at Mountain Lake in NJ...yes my Minnesota friends...there are lakes in NJ...and even PA!! There was a combination restaurant/bar at the lake that we went to...on occasion...for dinner. My parents did not have a lot of money back in those days so it was a real treat to go the lake...sometimes staying overnight...and sometimes enjoying dinner at the restaurant/bar instead of cooking on the charcoal grill...which always seemed to take FOREVER to get hot enough to cook on...then glowed on and on for hours long after dinner was over!...Strange?...I think that is why marshmallows were invented!!

Anyway...back to the restaurant/bar...they had a jukebox and my Aunt Jean...the sweater maker (another future blog)...would fill it with coins and play all of the polkas. It was here that I learned to polka, and here that I was introduced to one of the great polka songs...Roll Out the Barrel. I think I was too young at the time to know what was in the barrel they sang about...but I did have a barrel of fun learning to dance to it! I realized that spring IS just around the corner...actually in some places here in PA the daffodils are beginning to pop up!! There is not much time to get ready for the warm the wearing of shorts, sandals, sleeveless shirts...and it struck me that I would have to get cracking soon with a diet exercise/routine or I will give "roll out the barrel" a whole new meaning!

Therefore...I am thinking...with my experience and all...I should start a polka dancing/exercise is surprising that no one has ever come up with that idea before??!!

You may sign up for the class by leaving me a note below! Come on, friends, wouldn't it just be a barrel of fun??!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Missing Pieces

I love puzzles. When I was a little girl my next door neighbor always had a puzzle table set up by her dining room window. I would spend hours there finding pieces that fit just right.

I used to set up a puzzle table in the winter. My last house in MN did not have a good place to set up a puzzle table. I have high hopes for this house, but have not yet had the time to set up the table, let alone put together a puzzle. Maybe next winter.

It used to drive me crazy when I would finish a puzzle only to find that there were one or two missing pieces. This happened a lot when the kids were little and the house was full of dogs with wagging tails that sent pieces flying...never to be seen again.

The problem with the missing pieces is that a puzzle can not be complete until all the pieces are in place, right? And being the personality type that I am, I had to search until I found the missing pieces. This sometimes made me a bit crazy...uh, crazier??...and the puzzle often ended up in the trash!

As you know, the unpacking process continues. Every time another project is completed I get to empty more boxes. I have now emptied every box in the house. The only ones left to empty are in the garage or shed. This is a scary thought.

Scary because I have 3 pieces of my stemware missing. I know I had 12...or at least 11...water glasses when I left MN. That means that the 2 Guys from Texas must have packed them with something in the garage?????....outrageous thought! Not unbelievable...just outrageous.

My honey and I will be on a search for those missing pieces very soon. My set of water glasses must be complete for me to get any sleep. One thing I know for sure, however...I will not throw out the rest of the set because of a few missing pieces.

I wonder who the cowboys are moving this week?? Maybe I should send up a smoke signal to warn the unknowing settlers of things to come!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

In other words...

Goodbye...Farewell...See ya...Buhbye...Later...Solong...Toodles...Tata for now...Bye...Catch ya later...See ya later alligator...Hasta la vista...Ciao...Sayonara...Cheerio...Good riddance.

The contractors are gone!

In other house can now begin to become my home! Yippee!!!