Monday, March 23, 2009

Chainsaw Party

Sunday my honey hosted his first Chainsaw Party. What is a Chainsaw Party, you ask? It is when a group of guys gather together for the purpose of cutting down as many trees as is allowed by the host. There are no rules...except of course safety first...and you must BYOC...bring your own chainsaw.

The excitement level was "off the wall"! It was actually funny to watch the "boys" full grown men disguise...put on their goggles and gloves...and pull the cords to start the saws. It was like a "start gun" had been fired and they were in a race to see who could cut the most pieces of wood in the least amount of time!

When friend D arrived with coffee and doughnuts...wait a tic...I thought my honey was hosting???...a strategy for the day was discussed...and D was assigned "in charge of safety/project manager". The discussion continued until friend W arrived...who did not want to "burn daylight" and was ready to go. So the race began...however, friend D and my honey did not quite have their chainsaws prepped for a quick start.

Tree victim #1 was identified, and friend W began the cuts. Friend D and my honey were at the truck struggling just a little with their chainsaws...friend D's would not start at all...and my honey's was a little rough (the chain was apparently not moving and the saw was smoking just a tad!) I observed all of this from a safe distance inside the house with camera in hand!! Tree victim # 1....down!

The next 5 tree victims were cut down by friend D, and quickly cut into bite-sized pieces by friend W, my honey, and friend J and his son who arrived during the tree victim #4 massacre. All in all the day went quite smoothly...except for the last tree...which I thought sure was going to be in my dining room. There was no panicking...there was no running around grabbing chains and connecting them to the tree and friend D's truck...there was no yelling...there were no wheels spinning spewing stones everywhere. Just 5 guys bonding at the first Chainsaw Party. I am certain my honey will host several more!

By the way...a huge thanks to friend D who kept everyone on their toes when it came to safety first! T...I...M...B...E...R!!!!!

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