Monday, December 27, 2010

A Year of "Firsts" and Much "Change"

This year has been filled with "firsts" and "changes" galore!!

We spent the "first" few months trying to make sense of the sudden loss of sweet grandlittle bird, Carter. I am not sure I will ever be able to understand the loss of a child so innocent.

We somehow got through our "first" Easter without him. Last year Carrie was here at the BlessInn celebrating that holiday as an expectant mom of baby #2.

May brought about Will's College graduation. The door for him has opened to lots of "firsts" and "changes". The "change" for us was obviously more "change" in our pockets!!!

Then in June our hearts ached as the calendar rolled around to what would have been Carter's "first" birthday.

I held the "first" Grandy Camp for 3 weeks in June with grandlittle bird, Cailyn. We had a lot of fun, and I look forward to continuing that tradition every summer...but with one "change" will only be for one week in future years! Whew!

July brought life "changes" as my honey's parents...Namby and D'dad...moved in with us, followed quickly by littlebird Carrie and Chris and of course grandlittle bird, Cailyn. honey left his job. Now that's some "change". Ditto on the Whew!

In August my honey had his "first" day with a new job. More travel, but he works out of the house...which is a nice "change". :)

October was spent preparing for grandlittle's birthday...the "first" she would celebrate here. It was a fun day for our little "Boo", the Halloween baby!

November brought about another difficult "first" as we had now spent a full year without grandlittle bird, Carter. Another day spent with much heartache.

The anticipation of Christmas, however, helped to "change" the mood a bit. This year was the "first" we would spend Christmas at the BlessInn as last year we traveled to Illinois for the holiday. This Christmas was also the "first" time Namby and D'dad did not play Santa for all the Wilkinsons...a "change" that has been difficult for everyone in the family.

One last "change" for us this year at Christmas was the retiring of the littlebird's Santa Sacks. After about 20 years of waking up to a sack FILLED with gifts from Santa, this year was the last. We did go out with a bang though!

"Change" is hard...and so are "firsts".

I am looking forward to a more uneventful 2011. Bring it on!

Hopefully the only "change" will be my hair color!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy 10 Year Anniversary

Just 10 years ago tomorrow, my honey and I renewed our vows at a beautiful ceremony at Hope Church in Illinois. All of our kids were there to share in the special day. We were just 6 months shy of our 25th wedding anniversary. It was a joyous moment, and it truly signified a new beginning. These last 10 years have been the best so far, and I wanted to say Thank You to my honey!!

In honor of that day, I have included below the vows that I wrote and said to my honey on December 23, 2000.

"I believe we were meant to be together. I believe that it's God's plan, so it has to be right. He has blessed us with four beautiful children, and they're the best gifts you could have ever given me...well...and the Barbra Streisand concert tickets!

I believe that we were meant to grow old together and share our grandchildren...and some day sit in our rocking chairs...on our porch at our house by the beach...holding hands...and knowing that we've found heaven.

I know this is right because God has answered my prayers and shown me the way back to you...and my heart is full again. I love you."

I love you, Lex and am so happy to have been blessed to marry you twice!!! XXOO

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gotta love craft shows....

A while back I blogged about an "awesome" piece of "art" that I saw at a local flea market. I really am drawn to those types of know...flea markets...craft shows...etc. I am always amazed at what I see.

It never fails...tucked between the fabulous deals and can always find something that just catches your eye...something that just does not allow you to walk past without noticing.

Once again...I am speechless.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

'Twas the Night Before Jesus Came...

Written by Audrey Patricia Woolverton

'Twas the night before Jesus came and all through the house
Not a creature was praying, not one in the house.
Their Bibles were lain on the shelf without care
In hopes that Jesus would not come there.

The children were dressing to crawl into bed,
Not once ever kneeling or bowing a head.
And Mom in her rocker with baby on her lap
Was watching the Late Show while I took a nap.

When out of the East there arose such a clatter,
I sprang to my feet to see what was the matter.
Away to the window I flew like a flash
Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash!

When what to my wondering eyes should appear
But angels proclaiming that Jesus was here.
With a light like the sun sending forth a bright ray
I knew in a moment this must be THE DAY!

The light of His face made me cover my head
It was Jesus returning just like He had said.
And though I possessed worldly wisdom and wealth,
I cried when I saw Him in spite of myself.

In the Book of Life, which was held in His hand,
Was written the name of every saved man.
He spoke not a word as He searched for my name;
When He said "It's not here" my head hung in shame.

The people whose names had been written with love
He gathered to take to His Father above.
With those who were ready He rose without a sound
While all the rest were left standing around.

I fell to my knees, but it was too late;
I had waited too long and thus sealed my fate.
I stood and I cried as they rose out of sight;
Oh, if only I had been ready tonight.

In the words of this poem the meaning is clear;
The coming of Jesus is drawing near.
There's only one life and when comes the last call
We'll find that the Bible was true after all!


My wish for each one of you is that you BELIEVE in CHRISTmas!
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Little Cailyn Chatter

I just realized that I never wrote all the cute ways that grandlittle bird Cailyn pronounced her words during "Grandy Camp". She is so grown up NOW and speaks very well, but just a mere 6 months ago she made us giggle with her "words" everytime she spoke. Here are just a few favorites...

Yam I am! (Yes, I am)

Swim soup (swim suit)

Hula hoop (tube for pool)

Swim gobbles (swim goggles)

Peeuter (computer)

No, my not! (No, I’m not)

Hotgog (hotdog)

Pool towlull (pool towel)

Ham stamp (hand stand)

Shashlight (flashlight)

Mikey favor (microwave)

And one day I said she was "adorable" and she turned to Jessie and said "we can get a Dora bowl at the store"!

She is growing up so fast right before my eyes!