Friday, June 24, 2011

Whoopsie Daisy!

My honey and I took a trip to MN for a wedding and to visit old friends. The traveling part was filled with frustrating moments. I feel a pattern here with my family and traveling. Maybe it's time to just settle in at the BlessInn and let everyone visit us. I kind of like that idea!

So we head out of our little local airport and when we arrive there was a delay with takeoff. Of course. We finally got on our way, but since we were going through Chicago we were already concerned. We do not have a great track record at Chicago. Nope...not at all. After checking our tickets we realized we had only 15 minutes to catch our connecting flight. This can't be good.

So my honey and I made a plan. He is the KING OF CARRY ON! I like to check anything I possibly can. So his bag was stored under the plane because nobody's bags really fit in the overhead compartment, now do they? I am totally confused by the CARRY ON concept...other than it is free! But you then have to stand in line and wait for them to retrieve your bag...kind of like a mini version of the luggage carousel.

So, here was the plan...I would "run ahead" and tell them at our connecting flight that they needed to wait for my honey...and of course his golf clubs...while he waited for his bag. Sounds simple. We were at a gate at the far end of G and I had to get to a gate at the far end of H. So off I went "running" out of the gate as fast as a 50-something...out of shape...over weight woman can run while carrying her tote full of everything she might possibly need for a 4 hour travel day. Do you have the visual?

So I'm plugging along...huffing and puffing...going as fast as I can...when rubber soled sneaker stuck to the floor and the momentum kept my body moving forward. I know I am about to fall...but typical in a time like is all in V..E..R..Y....S..L..O..W....M..O..T..I..O..N. I finally landed...first knees...then elbows...then kind of rolled on to my belly. Geesh...I hate when that happens! I looked up and at least 400 pairs of eyes were looking at me sprawled on the floor. I quickly jumped up...laughing...saying I'm ok...I'm ok! I really did not know if I was ok...but everything seemed to be in place. I picked up my bag and off I went....realizing "OJ Simpson, I am not!"

I arrived at the gate, out of breath, saying "did I miss the flight!?" The gate keeper said "no" and hurriedly opened the door for me. I asked them to please wait for my honey....who was right behind me...and of course his golf clubs that just had to make it on this plane. He had a 3:30 tee time after all! I got to the plane and asked the flight attendant for a glass of water. As I am walking down the aisle of this very large and FULL plane...drink in hand...every person looked like I was next on their "hit list". I figured they were upset thinking the plane was being held for this woman who just came from the bar! As I approached my seat apologizing for having arrived so late someone said..."well, we aren't going anywhere anyway...the generator is not working!" So...why was I running again????

My honey finally arrived and settled in next to me and I shared the good news of our delay...and the story of my "trip" to the gate. At this point I was beginning to feel every point of contact with the floor...and places that hadn't hit the floor! After waiting for an hour for the generator to be fixed they had us deplane. They moved us to another gate where another plane sat waiting for us...a miracle for Chicago airport!

Oh, I forgot to mention that once again I had coordinated flights so that we could meet our little bird, Carrie, in MN...landing at the same time. My honey kept stressing to her that she had better be at the luggage carousel waiting for us because we had a 2 hour drive to Alexandria...and he had a 3:30 tee time! Well, she was at the luggage carousel...and we were still in Chicago sitting on a broken airplane! The best made plans...

We finally did arrive in MN safely, met our little bird and got on the road arriving just in time for my honey's tee time.

I am a little a lot sore...but happy to have arrived and to visit with the friends I missed so much!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sisterhood of the "Traveling Pee Your Pants" - the journey's end

Our last two port days were in Nassau and Freeport, Bahamas. I had been to both of these ports twice before, as had Sissy, but M3 had never been either place. Of course...we had to show her the straw market...there isn't much else to do...or Nassau.

On the walk towards the market, we went in and out of a few shops searching for trinkets to take home. I did find some cute necklaces and bracelets for the girls. The littlebird girls are always easy to shop for. Years ago, every time we (my honey and I) traveled, we would go to the local Hard Rock Cafe and get the girls and Will a teeshirt. After one trip one of them "suggested" we get them something else besides the famous teeshirts. They were certain they had plenty! LOL!

Will and Lex always present a problem for me. Will has such a unique taste that I never quite know what to get when it comes to shirts and such...and my honey is always telling me he has too many there went that idea. My honey also sent me with explicit instructions NOT to buy him any wooden mugs at the straw market. Dang...I had hoped to get him a full set this trip! ;)

So, my choices were limited...very limited...unless I wanted to buy them each a Coach knock-off. Now the upside to that would be that they would not want them and would give them back to me!

So, I bought Will a shotglass with some Bahama slang on it....and my honey...are you ready for this??...the only thing you can buy the guy who has everything...the guy who does not want teeshirts...or wooden mugs...are you ready???...a genuine...handmade...magnatized...bottle opener for the mancave!!! Wow...was he excited!! LOL!!

The next day we arrived in Freeport...where we had determined we would spend the day on the beach. M3 had insisted that the only thing she wanted to do on this trip was go to the off we went.

Now...I love the ocean...I mean I really love the ocean. The ocean excites all of my senses...all at once...the smell of the ocean...the sound of the waves crashing against the shore...the breathtaking view of a horizon that seems so vast...the taste of the salt water (hmmm...not sure about this one)...and last but not least...the feel of the warm sand between my toes.

On this beach, however, my senses were overloaded with...the smell of diesel fuel...the loud rumbling sound...and ungodly sight...of one of several tour boats parked directly in front of us for the ENTIRE time we were plopped on the beach. At one point M3 was almost plowed over as she stood knee-deep in the water moving back toward shore slowly...then more quickly...then at a more determined and focused the stupid boat continued to come to shore at the exact spot where she was standing. I wish I had a video...priceless!

Then there were the vendors selling...of course...beautiful handmade jewelry...and "ocean shells" (not sure what other kind there are)...and teeshirts with a "lifetime guarantee"! Now I would one go about returning one of these teeshirts if dissatisfied? What are the chances of finding the exact vendor who sold it to you...and one with a photographic memory who would remember you because he was not handing out any receipts here people.

We returned to the ship...quite worn out after our big beach day...and decided to hang out in the room for a while...order up some room service...and chill. We unanimously chose one thing on the menu...PB&J with a glass of milk. Perfect end to a perfect day!

All of these are memories we will rehash again and again over the next 50 years while we go on many future "senior citizen" sponsored bus trips, cruises, and all-inclusives. I say "senior citizen" because...a) we are all "seniors" and of course "citizens"...b) we will need a tour guide in the future to help us plan our excursions as we seem to have had some difficulty in this area...c) they always give you name tags so you don't forget who you are, where you are going, and the name tags are a "free pass" that get you back on the need for all that other identifications stuff that we can't remember to take with us!

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pee Your Pants...three sisters...three friends...forever!