Saturday, February 27, 2010

Survival Kit for Life

One of my Minnesota Bible study friends...who was actually from Pennsylvania!...gave me the most clever gift one year for my birthday. I came across the "survival kit for life" list while looking for another list I kept..."crazy things I was asked while working in a church office"...didn't find that one...but will keep looking until I find it. It will make for a most comical blog!

So the "survival kit for life" is a list of items that you can easily carry in your purse...and the explanation as to why you may need them...and it goes like this...

Toothpick...To remind you to pick out the good qualities in others. MATTHEW 7:1

Rubber band...To remind you to be flexible, things may not always go your way, but they will work out. ROMANS 8:28

Band-Aid...To remind you to heal hurt feelings, yours or someone else's. COLOSSIANS 3:12-14

Pencil...To remind you to list your blessings every day. EPHESIANS 1:3

Eraser...To remind you that everyone makes mistakes and that it's okay. GENESIS 50:15-21

Gum...To remind you to stick with it, and you can accomplish anything with God. PHILIPPIANS 4:1

Mint...To remind you that you are worth a mint. JOHN 3:16

Hug and Kiss (Hershey's candies)...To remind you that everyone needs a hug and kiss every day. 1 JOHN 4:7

Teabag...To remind you to relax daily and to go over that list of blessings.

Thanks, Sal, for giving this list to me! I hope that all of you find it to be valuable!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A little bird told me....

Once upon a time one of my sweet little birds may have mentioned that my wardrobe needed to be updated. You know what it's get comfortable in the old blue sweatpants with the elastic at the ankles...the teeshirt you have had since high school...and the sneakers that you have several pairs of the same style...all in varying stages of for "good" for "workout" and one for "working in the yard".

I know I am not alone here...because the other day at the hairdressers I sat next to a woman that had on the same sneakers that I wore for years. And in discussing the "comfortableness" (is that a word???) of them, she, too, mentioned having several pairs. I used to get a new pair every year for Christmas! After much prodding by my children I did finally ditch the sneakers and tried a pair a bit more "in the now".

Now I have tried several different brands of sneakers but have of this point in time...ever found a pair as comfortable as the originals. But, for the sake of keeping the peace at home, I will not go back!

After all...nothing ever stays the same. And I do enjoy being the time I had red hair! daring!

So, it was time to give my page a "new look". You like????

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sisterhood of the "Pee your Pants"

I love my sisters. I have two of them...Marcia (Marcia, Marcia, Marcia or M3)and Carol (Sissy). Whenever we are together we always seem to get a giggle fit about something. Nothing better than a good knee slappin', snortin', cryin', pee your pants giggle fit. It is good for the soul, and some say your health.

Several years ago we made a promise to get together more often...just the three of us. We managed to do some really fun things together on a pretty regular basis, then I moved to the land of snow. It was a little hard to stay connected, but every time I came back home we managed to at least go to dinner together.

So, since moving home over a year ago...can you believe that one!!...we are finally settling in to a routine of a once a month least we are trying! A few weeks ago we bundled up and took a bus into NYC for the day. As always...we had several giggle fits.

Now, I could bore you with the details of all of them, but I know that during the translation a lot of the humor will be lost. You know what they say..."guess you had to be there". So I will just fill you in on the one at the Lincoln Center.

While waiting in line to use the ladies room...why is there always a line for the ladies and not the mens? would think someone would have remedied that problem by now!...we saw a very funny "optical illusion"..of sorts. The door to the ladies room was propped open. Directly inside was a wall of mirrors...and a counter. The "facilities" were off to the least that was what we thought.

My sister, Carol, was the first in line and all of a sudden turned around giggling so hard it was a good thing we were so close to the bathroom. What she saw...or thought she saw reflected in the wall of mirrors...was a woman sitting in a bathroom stall with the door open...reading a paper! Behind the open door to the ladies room was a chair. The woman was sitting there relaxing...reading the daily news...minding her own business...not even knowing we were looking at her and doubling over in laughter. The reflection Carol saw in the mirror was of a woman sitting on the pot reading a newspaper with her stall door wide open. I know, it lost a lot in the translation...but it was funny!!!!

Another thing we observed while standing in line was the most unusual...I use that word out of kindness...sweater I have ever seen. A woman had on a home-made...obviously...knit sweater with a crocheted doily attached to the center of the back of it. Interesting way to use old doilies. I never saw the front but I am hoping that she did not have two smaller ones attached there! :)

Well, in NY...anything goes!!! Maybe she started a new fashion trend??

Looking forward to our next adventure...stay tuned!