Saturday, February 20, 2010

A little bird told me....

Once upon a time one of my sweet little birds may have mentioned that my wardrobe needed to be updated. You know what it's get comfortable in the old blue sweatpants with the elastic at the ankles...the teeshirt you have had since high school...and the sneakers that you have several pairs of the same style...all in varying stages of for "good" for "workout" and one for "working in the yard".

I know I am not alone here...because the other day at the hairdressers I sat next to a woman that had on the same sneakers that I wore for years. And in discussing the "comfortableness" (is that a word???) of them, she, too, mentioned having several pairs. I used to get a new pair every year for Christmas! After much prodding by my children I did finally ditch the sneakers and tried a pair a bit more "in the now".

Now I have tried several different brands of sneakers but have of this point in time...ever found a pair as comfortable as the originals. But, for the sake of keeping the peace at home, I will not go back!

After all...nothing ever stays the same. And I do enjoy being the time I had red hair! daring!

So, it was time to give my page a "new look". You like????


  1. I like the new look! Sure you don't want another pair of reeboks??????? Love, Me

  2. Ma... if you want those sneakers then go get the darn things! You should not have to live your life making others happy! Make you happy!

  3. My sweet little bird...I AM happy, and quite content with my life. And a HUGE part of that happiness is because I got to live my life making you all as happy as I could! That was and still is most important to me. In the grand scheme of things...those sneakers don't even come close to being...even the least bit...important. I learned a long time ago not to do anything that I really did not want to just to please someone else. So, if I really wanted to still wear them, I would! I am still searching for the "new" favorite pair!! XXOO