Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Easter Bunny

I am so excited!! Three of my four "little" birds are returning to the nest for Easter! The fourth one can not make this trip....and she will be greatly missed.

We have always been a family that celebrates each holiday with lots of fun and insane amounts of food. Many of the traditions we started when my kiddos were little are still carried on today. Santa still comes at Christmas and the Easter Bunny arrives every Easter morning!

Sometimes the Easter Bunny hides the baskets and leaves fun clues for the kiddos to go on a scavenger hunt. The clues always make reference to something that is known and familiar to the kiddos, or an event that happened somewhere in the house...and they just know where to start searching. And, sometimes he just leaves the baskets on the dining table where each one sits.

So...this year the Easter Bunny is in a quandary. None of the kiddos know this house or where any of the familiar things may have been placed. No one has a regular seat at the dining table. Oh...what is he to do???

Family traditions should not be broken...I found this out the hard way. One time a few years ago I began a discussion with the kiddos about stopping the tradition of the Santa sacks that are filled by Santa. I was stopped abruptly by my honey who said..."you will not continue with this course of conduct!" There is a kid in each of us, and the thought of stopping this tradition was just too much for him to take! :) I must admit, I would miss this tradition, too, if it were no more. I have even passed it on to the next generation by making Cailyn...and our "almost" second grandbaby...their own version of a Santa sack!!

But sometimes traditions need to be "tweaked" a bit to fit a new circumstance. I am...trying to figure out how to "tweak" the Easter basket tradition.

I am certain I will come up with something. After all, the Easter Bunny will arrive...just as he always has...hippity hopping down the bunny trail...whether or not I am ready!

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