Thursday, April 2, 2009

A computer by any other name...

Depending on who you talk to my honey and I are either young or old.

My parents, and anyone over 40 refer to us as young...this is a good I do not feel old...and "they" (who are "they", anyway?) say you are as young as you feel. Therefore...on a daily basis...I range in age anywhere from 30-60! It is a mental thing...but is usually determined by an ache or pain...or lack there of.

Our kids...on the other hand...have been known to say on occasion..."you and Dad are so old!" This comment, at times, has been painful to hear...but mostly is just shrugged off as part of the circle of life. At times I look at them and can not figure out how I can have children so close to my own age. Mental...or better known as "off your rocker"???

My honey and I are pretty much "in the times" with all the new gadgets and stuff. I, on occasion, have had to ask assistance of my children on how to work a certain feature on a gadget...let's say my cellphone for instance...but I learn quickly. There is NO truth to the "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" theory.

So...we know about the gadgets...we can work them with enough knowledge to get by in this world...and look like we know what we are doing. But...sometimes the "empty nest age" clicks into gear...we have a brief moment of senility...forgetfullness...and just stumble along. My honey and I have reached the point where we try to assist each other when this happens before anyone else realizes we have had a brain "bump".

My honey had just such a moment the other day. I did not correct him...because it really was quite comical...and made for a good laugh...which "they" say is the best medicine and helps you to live longer! What did he do??? This man...a very intelligent corporate executive...was talking about his computer...but forgot what the word was for computer...just a momentary brain "bump" he called it the first thing that came to his mind....................

the "EMAIL MACHINE". I is can laugh.

One thing good about getting older is that you can laugh at your own mistakes...and really don't care if others laugh at you!!

After "they" say...a computer by any other still a computer!


  1. Ha! Oh, Lexicakes. This made me laugh.

  2. I believe I was referring to my Blackberry.... but it really doesn't matter, does it? :)

  3. How funny! It is so true that we can laugh at ourself about the mistakes we make and not give a hoot if others laugh at it!