Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Icing on the Cake

It has been a wonderful Easter!!! I have thoroughly enjoyed having all my "little" birds here in our new nest (AKA the Money Pit). Leigh surprised us by arriving Wednesday night...we had not expected her to come at all. Jessie arrived Thursday...Will Friday...and Carrie, Cailyn and Chris on Saturday. I was in Heaven! Who could ask for anything more??

We visited our old church in NJ, where my Mom was "saving" seats for us. We come from an old Presbyterian church where years ago you actually purchased your seats in the pews. They no longer follow that practice, but we sit in the same pew location as my great grandmother's family did some hundreds of years ago. The church celebrated it's 250th "birthday" in that makes it...269 years old now!

Wait, I was not supposed to be blogging about my old church, but my wonderful Easter. They are, however, greatly connected thanks to our risen Lord!!

So...back to my Easter week...I am so in love with my grandbaby Cailyn! She is nothing but joy...even when she is throwing a tantrum typical of her age. And the "soon to be here" grandbaby boy has been very active in his mommy's tummy!! He will arrive around June 11th...can't wait!!

I love my "little birds" with all of my heart, and cherish every moment I am with them, but a grandchild is totally different. It is all of the rewards, and none of the pain that goes with parenting. It is the icing on the cake you learned how to master undercooked it...overcooked it...forgot ingredients...mismeasured ingredients...added ingredients that you thought would help the recipe, only to find out differently...and definitely ate way too much of, but loved every bite!

I am so looking forward to this summer when I know the "little birds" will all "fly back" and spend time with us again. And included in that trip will be our new grandbaby boy!!!

More icing...different flavor...all the sweetest part of the cake!

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