Thursday, March 5, 2009

Missing Pieces

I love puzzles. When I was a little girl my next door neighbor always had a puzzle table set up by her dining room window. I would spend hours there finding pieces that fit just right.

I used to set up a puzzle table in the winter. My last house in MN did not have a good place to set up a puzzle table. I have high hopes for this house, but have not yet had the time to set up the table, let alone put together a puzzle. Maybe next winter.

It used to drive me crazy when I would finish a puzzle only to find that there were one or two missing pieces. This happened a lot when the kids were little and the house was full of dogs with wagging tails that sent pieces flying...never to be seen again.

The problem with the missing pieces is that a puzzle can not be complete until all the pieces are in place, right? And being the personality type that I am, I had to search until I found the missing pieces. This sometimes made me a bit crazy...uh, crazier??...and the puzzle often ended up in the trash!

As you know, the unpacking process continues. Every time another project is completed I get to empty more boxes. I have now emptied every box in the house. The only ones left to empty are in the garage or shed. This is a scary thought.

Scary because I have 3 pieces of my stemware missing. I know I had 12...or at least 11...water glasses when I left MN. That means that the 2 Guys from Texas must have packed them with something in the garage?????....outrageous thought! Not unbelievable...just outrageous.

My honey and I will be on a search for those missing pieces very soon. My set of water glasses must be complete for me to get any sleep. One thing I know for sure, however...I will not throw out the rest of the set because of a few missing pieces.

I wonder who the cowboys are moving this week?? Maybe I should send up a smoke signal to warn the unknowing settlers of things to come!

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