Sunday, October 1, 2017

The "Joy" of Working in a Church Office

All of my dearest friends know one thing about me.  I have had many jobs, but my most favorite by far were the years I spent working in a church office.  I have had this great privilege three separate times, working for three wonderful churches.

The first church was located in Minnesota where I worshipped.  I worked there for about 6 years when I left for family reasons.  I loved the staff and all of the members who came to visit us on a regular basis.  The next church I worked at is just around the corner from where I currently live in Pennsylvania.  This job I left after 3 years because we had started a business and I was needed there.  It was, once again, so hard to leave because I really enjoyed working together with such wonderful people every day.  Both of these jobs were gifts from God, and I was led to each one at the prefect time in my life.  I currently volunteer at the church we now attend, and I am loving every second of it!!  I know this is what I am meant to do.

These jobs have given me much joy in my life.  I love being able to serve our Lord in this way, and have the opportunity to get to know the church staff on a more intimate basis.  I also get joy from meeting people every day that I may not have otherwise had the opportunity to do so. The church I now attend, and volunteer at, is a very large church, so it is difficult to meet a lot of people on a one on one basis.  I get to do it every day!!!!

But the joy I feel by serving my Lord, and the joy I receive from working with and meeting so many people is not the only joy that comes out of working in a church.  I don't know why it is, but my experience over the 11 years that I have worked in this capacity shows me that people think that you have the answers to all of their questions...regardless of the subject matter.  Now, this, has brought another whole level of joy to my life!!  And a few good belly laughs also!!

Here are just a few of the things people have asked me when either calling or visiting the church office.  I will list them by category.

"Where do you buy your seafood?"

"How do you cook pork chops?"

"Do you have food there?"

(I'm not certain if any of these people realized they were calling a church office and not a restaurant.  And yes, these are actual questions I was asked while sitting at my church office desk!)

"Do you know how to work this cell phone?"

"Isn't there a battery to change on a computer that updates the date?"

"Do you know someone that can fix my van?"

"Do you know anyone that cleans chimneys?"

"Do you know a Tupperware dealer?"

"Where do I get a duplicate birth certificate?"

"Does anyone know how to speak Spanish there?" (this was in

"What time does FedEx come?  I'm expecting a golf club!"

"Since you are here to serve us, do you have any dental floss?"

"Do you have the number to the local UPS?"

"Do you have (a certain woman's) phone number? It isn't in the phonebook and my wife is out of town!"  (This one is a favorite - what he meant was his wife always had the phone numbers handy, but she wasn't home to help him!!)

Caller, "I have been trying to send a fax." Secretary, "Yes, it has been ringing, but nothing has come through." Caller, "My name and number is on the fax. If it doesn't come through, will you call me and let me know?"

Post Office:
"How much are stamps?"

(A member called from the Post Office) - "Do you have my son's service address, and what is the zip code?"

Lost and Found:
"We visited your church for the first time this past Sunday, and now we can't find our dog.  It's brown and black and might be in the Nursery." all-time favorite...
"Where is the lost and found? I lost my pajama bottoms. The last time I wore them was here. I don't wear them at home!"  TMI!!!!  (The church was offering a place for the homeless to sleep, and this was one of the volunteers that had stayed one night with them.)

See...pure joy!!!!  I LOVE working in a church office!!

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