Saturday, February 28, 2015

FORE... or is it FOUR??

FOUR…not rain or snow or sleet or hail can keep my honey from his latest addiction!  He has become a four-season golfer.  Now, I don’t mean traveling to warm and sunny locations during the cold, wintery months…although he does that also…I mean being creative and finding ways to play year-round golf…here…in snowy, cold Pennsylvania.

Lately my honey has decided to “up” his game, so he is taking lessons AND watches every golf coach known to man on the Golf Channel or the computer.  He practices all the time.  In the house, in the mancave, and probably in his dreams!

One of his newest mancave toys is a golf simulator where he plays golf every day, and sometimes is joined by one of his golfing buddies.  He has purchased special clubs and gadgets to help correct what is wrong with his life-long swing.  He is determined to “get it right” so he can play out his retired years the correct way.

Today I looked out the window and found him standing in the driveway hitting balls towards the creek.  Not sure what happens when it is mowing time.  Maybe at Easter we can do a “golf ball hunt” instead of an “Easter egg hunt”!  FORE!!!

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  1. 50 balls at a 40 yard target. Moved to 75 and hit the tree 3/3! AZ in 4 days! Oh yeah! Thanks for blowing me up in public Honey! Pressure is on now :) can't wait!!!!