Thursday, December 10, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

2009 started off with a big move…...
“We’re going back ‘home’, said Lex, “do you approve?”

Patty spent the next months unpacking and then……
Transformation complete - “Money Pit” to “BlessInn”.

Our dream home completed, just one thing to do……
Fill it up with the kiddos and their kiddos, too!!

At Easter the little birds returned to the nest.
Our family time together is always the best!

In May, Jessie came to PA and moved in.
Our nest was less empty, a new chapter begins.

June 10th marked the arrival of our second grandbaby.
Carter Alexander shares his birthday with Auntie Leigh.

The summer was spent with great anticipation.
All the kiddos and grandkiddos came ‘home’ for vacation!

We loved every moment of that time they spent here.
We will cherish those memories year after year.

Before we could blink…...the time flew by too fast……
Cailyn Rose had a birthday - she’s 2!! What a blast!!

She and Carter celebrated the day at Paradise Park,
Then put on Halloween costumes and went with Mommy in the dark!

They had a fun-filled day from morning until night……
Dorothy and the Penguin - oh, what a sight!

Little did we know that the very next day
Would bring a tragedy so great, the words are hard to say.

Our sweet little Carter would be taken from us.
He now rests in the arms of precious Jesus.

We do not know why; we can not understand.
But we trust that somehow this fits into God’s plan.

Our lives are forever changed by this one sad day.
The pain of broken hearts we pray will go away.

But through this all one thing remains the same……
The closeness of our family even with a broken chain.

We are linked together, drawing strength from one another -
Dad, Mom, Cailyn Rose, three sisters and a brother.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope that your new year is filled with the love of a precious family, and too many friends to count!
Lex, Patty, Cailyn Rose, Carrie, Jessie, Leigh and Will,
and baby Carter, forever in our hearts

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