Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pillow Talk

There are many things that married couples do to keep their marriages from becoming boring. Let's face it, you see each other every day at your worst, and we all know that sometimes we just become invisible to our partner. It helps if we can keep a little humor in the mix!

My honey and I find our humor with "pillow talk". Now before you get all "TMI" on me, let me explain.
We have an unspoken rule that the last one out of the bed makes it! I will interject here that I CAN NOT crawl into an unmade bed...ewwwwwww! I like the look and feel of a neatly made bed. I have several decorative pillows on my bed, and the fact that I am "slightly" OCD, I have a certain way that those pillows are presented when the bed is freshly made.

Given the fact that most mornings I am the FIRST one up, the task of bed making has become my honey's. At first I would "adjust" the pillows to my liking, but let's face it...that was just plain silly. Some things you have to let go!

Anyway, one day I walked into the bedroom, and just had to smile at my honey's creativity. Since then, he has tickled my funny bone every morning. Each day he stacks the pillows a different way, and I must say some are very clever!

Below are a few examples of his "pillow talk". When I walk in the room the bed is the first thing I see...and he always makes me giggle! I hope he doesn't run out of ideas! If so, we will find another source for the much needed humor in our marriage.

May your marriages be filled with your own style of "pillow talk" humor.

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