Sunday, February 8, 2009

Progesterone vs. Testosterone

I was with my honey on our weekly "Sunday after church shopping spree" at Walmart. We started this tradition in Alexandria, and seem to have continued it here in Bath. Some things never change.

This particular Sunday I was on a mission to buy a product that I needed badly. I wasn't sure if I could find it in Walmart, but it was worth a try. Nope, not here.

Just before we went to Walmart, we went to Sam's Club...located in the same return a book. My honey searched for the product for me while I stood in line. Nope, not here.

As we were leaving I scoped out the other stores in the complex looking for a health food store. The only store I saw that resembled a health food store was a GNC and wondered "aloud" if they might possibly have this product. I really doubted it, but it crossed my mind as a possibility to check out at another time.

Our next stop was Wegman's...a huge grocery store with tons of really cool stuff just across the street from Walmart. After walking up and down the is really fun to do this here...really...Nope, not here.

I mentioned...maybe mumbled..."guess I'll have to go to the health food store". My honey heard "I want to go to GNC". So back across the street we headed and he pulled up and parked in front of GNC. Ladies, you know that women and men speak different languages, right??...coupled with hearing loss that comes from "tuning out" your wife (but, my honey does not have that trait anymore!) or being of the "emptynest" is often difficult to communicate with your spouse. I was appreciative of the fact that he made the extra stop for me.

I entered the store and in my best female I need help voice I asked "do you carry progesterone cream?"

Standing behind the counter were two teenage males. They both looked at me oddly, and the one said "gesterone cream??" Clearly they had never been to a health class in they still teach health?...if not here is an example of why they should!

So....already knowing the answer...I threw out my sweetest smile and repeated the question. "Nope, not here," came the answer from their cute little testosterone filled bodies. The reasons I needed the cream were beginning to show their signs.

So I will be on a continued search for a real health food store in hopes that I may find the cream...before my hot flashes come back with a vengeance!!...and certainly because I am surrounded on a daily basis by a house FULL of testosterone...the contractors...who have not learned the art of "hearing" when I speak. They "listen" to my voice and make eye contact (sometimes!) but they NEVER "hear" what I'm saying. Familiar?????



  1. Thanks, my dear cyberfriend! I am thankful for you!!! I think you are my only reader!! :)

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