Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ziploc Bags

Way back in one of my earlier blogs I mentioned the fact that I LOVE ziploc bags! They are the best invention ever! I use them for everything!! I have ziplocs filled with nails...screws...rubber bands...odds and ends that I found on the floor after the 2 Guys from Texas were done moving us (I still haven't found out what all those things belong to!)...thumb tacks (does anyone even use them anymore??)...those little round felt things for the legs of chairs to protect your floors...picture hangers...and food items like nuts...tea bags...flour...sugar (all types) get the idea! I don't think I could live without these little bags...being the organizational "freak" that I am! let's go back to the search for the safe key. You remember...I put it someplace where my logical brain would find it when I was ready to open the safe. But everywhere I logically looked...NO KEY! It had been missing for 4 weeks...until just the other night!

My honey and I were discussing the lost key and how bazaar it was that I could not find it. He said "I'm missing the key to the motorcycle trailer, too" and I said "I packed them together with the safe key in the box that I carried with us in the car and have since emptied." Hmmmmmm. where would I have put those keys?...someplace logical...someplace safe...someplace I would remember...hmmmmmm.

I had checked the big basket full of Lex's stuff to sort through (since before the move)...I checked the little basket full of Lex's stuff to sort through (since we moved...I'm running out of baskets...he better get sorting!!) Both of these places were logical places...both of these places I have searched several times before...but neither had produced the keys.

After my honey and I dug through some little boxes on the closet shelf, I sat down and began to sort through the big basket of Lex's stuff...once again. This time I took each item out and laid it on the bed. One by one...orderly... by's a big basket! I had been looking for keys just tossed in the basket loose. But what is this?...a ziploc bag...I see something silver...KEYS!!! And to top it all off, there is a note inside the bag with the keys that says "Key for motorcycle trailer...Key for safe". My logical organized brain at work!

Now if I could just get the memory part of my brain to work life would be so much easier!!

So before I forget...I better write a note to buy some more ziploc bags at the store!! I just hope I don't misplace the note! My logical brain tells me to put it by my purse...which I will grab last before I go out the door.

Hmmmmm...where's my purse??!!

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