Friday, September 11, 2009

OK!!!!! I GIVE UP!!!!!

Now, if you really know me well you know that those words rarely come out of my mouth! Just ask my honey...he can attest to many arguments...ahemmmm...slight differences of opinions...that we have had over the years where I just have to have the last word...and the next to the last...and the one before that...and before that...etc....etc...etc. Or, you could go ask Alice...isn't that a song???...who I worked with for 5 years at the best job I ever secretary. Alice can attest to the fact that if we had something go wrong in the office...or couldn't figure out something on the computer...I would dig and dig and dig until I got a resolution. I am not sure if this is a personality trait to brag about or not!!!

Well...I give up! I spent the last 2 hours at my pool battling with leaves. Yes, I know...we do live in the middle of the woods...and yes, I is fall...and yes, I one is even swimming anymore...BUT HEY!!!...what the heck happened to summer???? Where did it go???? Did I miss it???? Instead of a warm sunny...even Indian Summer day...I am out there in a sprinkling rain...with a gusting wind...skimmer in hand...trying to remove all the leaves. Out seven...out two...out nine! You do the is a LOSING BATTLE!!

Even Sebastian is out of breath!!!

Time to call the pool guys and get the cover installed for the winter. I was really trying to keep it open so that my Minnesota friends could enjoy a little dip in the heated pool when they visit in October. Sorry to disappoint, guys. However...the hot tub WILL stay open until the end of October.

I certainly think I can manage the leaves in that!!!

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