Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Quietness of Fall

Unlike my cool cyberfriends Sarah and MaryLisa, I do not seem to blog regularly anymore. I guess my life was a bit more eventful when I was packing, moving, stepping over contractors and unpacking. Now my life is just...quiet.

Quiet is good...quiet is restful...quiet is peaceful...quiet is calming...BUT quiet can be lonely.

I have read more books this past summer than I have read in the past 5 years! Love to to get "lost" in a book. Have lots of quiet time to do it. So what am I complaining about? Sounds like Sarah and MaryLisa would kill to have time to sit and quietly read a book...uninterrupted...but instead their moments are filled with "back to school blues". I remember those days well.

But my little birds have long since dropped out of the nest. Their school years are a distant memory...found only in little books marked "School Days" which I lovingly filled each year with pictures and mementos from K-8th grades. The high school years I chose not to commemorate in this way...except for Will's acting/musical accomplishments and Carrie's basketball. Sorry Leigh and Jessie...but I AM equally as proud of you!!!

So...does fall make me think of bus lunches...PTA?? You betcha! But I would not trade places with my friends who are young mom's for anything in the world!

After all, I have four beautiful little birds that have grown into strong, independent adults, a husband who I adore...and with whom I get to spend some of my quiet time, two of the most precious grandlittle birds in the world, a beautiful home which is truly a BlessInn', and many friends I have collected over the years who are scattered across the country...and even in Australia.

Life is good...and quiet.

Shhhhhhhhhhhh...I can hear the leaves falling to the ground.

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