Tuesday, April 20, 2010

If dreams were real...

I would have been content to stay in mine all night.

I closed my eyes and tried...I wished with all my might.

But this dream was just a blip in time, too fleeting to retain.

A nano second spent with you, but precious, just the same.

You laid upon the floor, pulling up upon your knees.

Your smile was like sunshine, your eyes looked right at me.

I gently picked you up, and held you in my arms.

You snuggled on my shoulder. I'll keep you safe from harm.

The moment was so real, but soon came to an end.

It really was not you, but a message that you sent.

"I just stopped by to say that I love you too, Grandy.

But I am happy here. They take good care of me!"

I miss you, oh so much, an ache is in my heart...

my sweet grandlittle bird, Carter, each day we are apart.

At night I'll close my eyes and pray that it's your plan

to meet me in my dreams so I can see you once again.



  1. Patty, that is a beautiful poem. Brought me to tears, but I hope it helped make yours go away, at least for a while.

  2. Just visiting from Jenny's blog. What a tender poem. Thanks for sharing it, and I hope your prayers are answered with more happy dreams of your granddaughter.