Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bunco Buddies

After much planning and after several long months I finally got a Bunco League together. We have been meeting once a month and really having a good time! least I am having a good time!

These girls are so much fun to be around! We are quite the collection of characters...coming together through friends of friends of friends. We had a tough time getting the 12 needed players, so everyone was asking literally everyone they knew if they wanted to play. Some are silver friends...some are gold friends...some are sisters by blood...some sisters by chance...some are (rather,were) strangers...but we are all now Bunco "buddies".

The group is made up of the Minnesota transports, L and L...two of the original Bunco "buddies" from our group there and my dear silver friends. Even though they are not sisters by blood, they have been told on more than one occasion that they look like sisters. This past month someone lovingly referred to them as the "Bobbsey Twins". There are my two sisters...Sissy and M3...and Sissy's gold friends, JU and B...and B's friend JB. Then there are two of my gold friends, who are also ex-coworkers, JJ and K...and our newest member, K's littlebird JM. We are still short one regular player, but another of my gold friends is filling in for the time being. We are hoping to talk her into becoming a regular.

Every time we play we giggle until our sides hurt. Of course the wine is plentiful...which helps to keep the mood light!

In case you don't know what Bunco is, it is a game of chance using dice. You are seated at three tables of 4 players. You roll for a number from 1-6, getting points for each correct number rolled during a round.

Everyone has their own special method of rolling the dice...drawing their "luck" from some very strange and comical ways of doing this. Some talk to the dice(nicely and not so nicely)...blow on them...rub them on weird areas of their bodies...oh yes...this definitely happens!! Then there is the wrist snap roll...the soft and gentle roll...the two-fisted roll...the quick roll...just to name a few.

There is always confusion! At the end of every round you move to another table depending on whether you won or lost the round. It seems that a few Buddies have a tough time remembering which table to move to. At times it resembles musical chairs...and someone is always left standing trying to figure out where to sit.

The food is plentiful and delicious...the wine is chilled to perfection...the laughter is contagious...and the "sisterhood" shared by those that were a group of strangers just a few short months ago, is priceless. I am certain that this group will give me plenty to blog about each month.


  1. Sounds like a blast! Have a great day. Cathy

  2. Wish I lived closer to join your group! Love your blogs....keep them coming! Love gerrie