Saturday, September 11, 2010

My nest is empty....

and it seems very strange. In my last post I talked about how full it was. Just that quickly things changed. I mentioned before about the revolving door we have here, and it just continues to spin.

Littlebird Jessie moved out to an apartment not too far from us. Then littlebird Will moved to NYC to pursue his dream in theater.

This week littlebird Carrie and grandlittle bird Cailyn are in Missouri visiting friends and family. nest is empty...really, really empty...strangely empty.

Quiet. My friend said "silence is golden". I say...sometimes not so much.

I have been enjoying my house being in "order". I have been enjoying sharing the TV in the great room with my honey...watching what we want. I did enjoy going in the hot tub with my honey just a few minutes ago...uninterrupted and alone.

But it is quiet.

And empty.


  1. Oh boy, do I know that one! It's always feast or famine here too. Enjoy the quiet for as long as it lasts. Cathy.

  2. and before you know it the nest will be full and busy and not so quiet again - your house always had something going on...maybe it's just time for an impromptu game of bunco - that's NEVER quiet!! Missing you...