Tuesday, July 10, 2012

And all of heaven is dancing...

Today our loss is heaven's celebration as my sweet friend, Sherri, has gone home to be with Our Lord. I will miss her greatly, but I know that I will see her again some day.

I had the great privilege to have a little "one on one" time with her in May when I traveled to Minnesota to see her. I left her with this...

I believe that God sends us angels here
to help us, walk with us, protecting those dear.
These angels aren't always just those from above.
sometimes they're people we know and love.
He sends them at just the right times, you know,
It's His plan, His timing, His "one man show".
Sometimes it's too hard with our human eyes
to see that these angels are in our lives.
But sometimes He sends you a special one
to laugh with, to love with, and to learn from.
You know they're an angel, it's easy to see
Your life is so blessed in their company.
I thank God He sent me an angel named Sherri;
A good friend with faith that is extraordinary!
An example of Jesus' love day after day,
A servant's huge heart, pure in every way.
This legacy she's left me, so when we're apart
she'll always be etched so deep in my heart...
her laughter, her wisdom, her humor, her love;
most definitely an angel sent from above!

My forever friend...I give you this with much gratitude and love, Patty

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