Sunday, April 1, 2012

Every Little Girl Needs a Hero

I remember when my three little bird girls were really little and they had issues with sleeping at night. For some reason they thought that there were monsters in the closets. They slept on the second floor of a Cape Cod, so there were a lot of small storage areas with doors all through their room.

My honey came upstairs before bedtime and "scared" all the monsters away by stomping his feet and banging on the walls while shouting "all you monsters, get out of here!" It seemed to work, as they slept well after that night. Every little girl needs a hero, and their daddy was just that.

After the squirrel fiasco (see last blog) Cailyn has been scared that the little critters are going to return and come into her room again. She fretted about this for several days, and nothing I said seemed to reassure her. Then...I got an idea.

Cailyn came with me to ask my honey if he could go get his "magic sprayer" out of the barn and spay upstairs to keep all the squirrels and other furry creatures away. He of course knew exactly which sprayer I was referring to, and got up immediately to go to the barn and retrieve it.

After about 5 minutes he returned with the sprayer strapped to his back and took Cailyn with him upstairs to spray away the critters.

And...since that night she has not had one fretful night about those pesty creatures! I am so glad that after all these years my honey still has the "magic" touch and can make our special grandlittle bird feel safe and secure, just like he did for our little birds so long ago.

Thanks for being our hero. Love you honey!!!

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  1. Hey Patti,

    Nice to see you around! It is amazing what a little "magic spray" can do! Take care.