Sunday, February 19, 2012

It's alive!

When my little birds were really little birds my mother-in-law...aka Namby...used to tie up a man's handkerchief into this "shape", and play a game with them. She would hold the hankie in her hand and pet it like "a little mouse" and when the little birds would come close to pet it she would make it "jump" up her arm. This, of course, has caused much laughing AND screeching over the years!! Every little bird in the family has had a visit from this mouse at one time or another.

Well, the other night grandlittle bird, Cailyn, was visiting with Namby and D'dad and was introduced to the "little mouse". She of course screeched each time the mouse would "jump" up Namby's arm. Finally, Namby untied the hankie to show her that it was not real. After that grandlittle told everyone about the "little mouse". She even talked Namby into letting her sleep with it. She snuggled with it in her arm all night!

Tonight grandlittle went upstairs to get ready for bed when she suddenly screeched to her mommy that something was running around in her bedroom...and it must be the "little's really alive!" Our littlebird, of course, screeched for her "daddy" to come and rescue them. And so begins a very comical 15 minutes or so.

After determining that the "hankie...little mouse" was maybe a "little chipmunk", my honey came downstairs and got a broom. He wanted me upstairs...for support I Cailyn was littlebird was screeching...and I was supposed to calm them down. Well, I climbed up on my littlebird's bed where the girls were hiding and explained to grandlittle what was running around in her bedroom. It was not the "hankie...little mouse" but a little chipmunk like the ones she sees running around outside in the flower beds. It wasn't going to hurt her, and it was just as scared of her as she was of it. GP would get it, not to worry. I turned to leave and shut the bedroom door. Uh-oh...I forgot that the door "locks" and can not open once you shut it tight.

Why this is an uh-oh is because all the rooms connect upstairs...that was the only door that provided an escape route without having to pass through where the chipmunk was "cornered". My littlebird was beginning to get a bit screechy again. So what did I do...I bailed!!!!! I went back downstairs and thought I would just leave the master chipmunk catcher to do his task. What did he need me there for???

After a few minutes I heard littlebird calling for me to bring up a bucket. Here's when it really gets funny. I am sorry now that I did not record any of this! I took the bucket upstairs and found that my honey had blocked himself and the chipmunk...which at this point has been correctly identified as a small one section of the bathroom. In this small section of the bathroom is a toilet and a sink, closed off with two pocket doors. There is not much room in there! All I could hear was my honey jumping around and laughing while whacking the floor with the broom!

I told him I had the bucket so he slid open one of the pocket doors to get it and...oh no!!!!...out comes "Rocky"...right towards me. So now I'm screeching and jumping on grandlittle bird's bed. "Rocky" obviously was not the brightest squirrel in town as he turned and ran right back into the section with the pocket doors. Trapped again!!

My honey in his ever-so calm manor, managed to capture "Rocky" and send him for a swim down the toilet towards the septic tank. We knew this was the right course of action because if you remember back when we first purchased the BlessInn, our realtor told us to periodically throw a groundhog into the septic to keep it working properly (see "Not This Groundhog's Day -July 2009). Although this squirrel was quite a bit smaller than a groundhog, my honey figured it could help out somewhat...given we have been having septic issues lately!

So, my honey saved the day once more! Oh, wait...littlebird and grandlittle bird are still locked in the bedroom. A hero's work is never done! It took him just a few seconds to "unlock" the door, save his princesses and save the day.

I hope grandlittle bird can fall asleep in her room tonight. Maybe she and Mommy will have to snuggle together in mommy's bed. I am sure that is where I will find them in the morning!

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