Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Menopausal Insanity

I have heard it said many times that once you reach menopause you begin to become even more forgetful. This fact has always been a little unsettling for me because I already suffer from daily memory loss...sometimes making life a bit scary for anyone living with me. LOL!

My latest brain hiccup happened just a few days ago. It struck me as so comical, I thought it worth a blog. Here goes...

Jessie, #3 littlebird, has a computer that crashed a long time ago. I kept telling her to bring it to the house, and I would take it to my favorite computer shop in our little town, but she kept forgetting. (Maybe this thing is hereditary...yikees!) Anyway, I knew this particular shop had done a lot of work at the church, and they are dependable.

Well, one day...several weeks ago, when I was picking up #3 at her apartment she surprised me by remembering her computer. I placed it in the back of the TBird, behind the seat, knowing one day I would just drop it off when I was out and about.

About a week ago I passed the shop, but it was pouring rain and I had a miserable cold. I chose not to stop. Wouldn't you know I saw Jessie that very next day and she asked it I had dropped off her computer yet for repair. I sheepishly told her no, but that I would...I promise!

Yesterday I made an appointment at the doctor's right after work to FINALLY take care of lingering symptoms from that cold I mentioned. I had a few extra minutes and knew I would pass right by the computer shop, so I planned to stop.

All the way there I was thinking about #3's I did not have a power cord for it, and maybe I would have to buy one before they could even get started...and also how I did not know her password to sign on to the computer, and would that be needed. These thoughts consumed my mind all the way to the shop.

I soon arrived, and parked on the street outside the shop. I turned to get the computer from behind my seat. Now take a moment here and get this is so important! I just spent the last 5 minutes obsessing about the computer and the issues I may incur when I got there to drop it off. I parked the car, turned it off...and turned around in my seat to grab the computer in its place where I had tucked it away several weeks earlier. OK...stop right there.

Here's when I realized my mind was not with me that day. I was not driving the TBird. I drove my honey's car to work that day. No TBird = no computer.

And definitely NO MIND!!!

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