Friday, October 28, 2011

See you later!

This past Saturday my mom passed away peacefully around noon. Because it was so sudden, I have been trying to process it all, and I must say, struggling a bit while working it through. She led a good, long and busy life, 88 years, but had not been ill, so this passing took us by surprise.

My little birds all came home to the mother nest. Of course. Funny thing about the timing...this past week we had already planned to be together. We were going to a family friend's wedding, and little birds Leigh and Will had already taken off work and planned to come home. I guess "Mimi" decided now was a good time to check into her new room, since we were already gathering.

My very smart grand littlebird Cailyn, has been trying to figure out what is going on. She will be four in just a few days, so it is a bit challenging to explain. Here are a few conversations she has had over the last couple of days. She never ceases to amaze me with her ability to process information...well beyond her years.

Cailyn "Mommy, why are you crying?"
Mommy, "Because Mimi died today and went to heaven to be with Carter."
Cailyn, "Oh. Well, some people go to the dentist, some people go to the doctors, and some people die."

Auntie Leigh, "Tomorrow we will go to see Mimi".
Cailyn, "How do we get there?" (after all, Mimi is in heaven, she was told)
Auntie Leigh, "Well, her heart and spirit are in heaven. Do you know what a spirit is?"
Cailyn, "No,maam."
Auntie Leigh, "Well your spirit is all your love and feelings...that's what is in heaven with Carter. Mimi's body is still here, asleep."
Cailyn, "Where is her head?"
Auntie Leigh, "With her body."

Cailyn, "Grandy, we are going to see Mimi today."
Grandy, "Well, actually you won't be able to see Mimi. She is asleep in a pretty shiny grey box. But the lid will be closed so you can't actually see her."
Cailyn, "Is it like a bed box?" (having been told Mimi's body is asleep)
Grandy, "Yes, just like a bed box. There is pretty pillow inside, and a blanket with roses on it. It looks just like a bed inside."

She has certainly helped to bring a smile to our faces these last few days,and made it all just a bit more bearable.

The other thing that makes this all bearable is this. My daily devotion on the day my Mom passed said that as Christians we never have to say goodbye. We can instead simply say see you later.

So..."See ya later, Mom!"

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  1. I am so sorry for your loss Patti and I am also sorry that I didn't get to post earlier. I saw your title but blogger wouldn't let me in, so I only now have caught up with you. Hope you are doing well, please take care. Cathy