Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Crazy August Days

This summer sure has been an odd one, at least weather wise. We have had such a wet summer. Hot, then wet, then cooler, then hot again. It has also been an historical summer given we have had an earthquake and a hurricane within a week!!! I know my friends from MN (the two L's)who relocated here must be wondering 'just where in the heck are we living!'

Last Tuesday I took my Mom to the doctors, so I left work early. After her appointment I went back to the church to finish up a few things before I called it a day. As I was sitting at my desk I suddenly felt "dizzy" I was swaying unsteady on my feet...only...I was sitting down. I didn't think a lot about it at the time as I am a diabetic and thought I was experiencing some sort of "sugar dive". Not until I got home did I realize what I had felt was an earthquake! Never in my lifetime have I ever experienced one here on the east coast. As my friends on Facebook were saying, it gave new meaning to Carol King's hit "I Feel the Earth Move"! Most bizarre!

Then, on Saturday and Sunday we experienced the effects of Hurricane Irene. We were so fortunate here at the BlessInn, compared to some of my friends along the east coast that have experienced some damage from flooding and hurricane force winds. Other than being without power for 17 hours...and a soggy yard full of branches...we got through the weekend unscathed.

I posted a few pictures below of our creek and yard on Sunday. My honey has been busy with clean-up and reinforcing the levy he has been working on all summer to hold back most of the water when the creek floods...which is several times a year. All of the water this weekend continued on its way to contribute to the flooding of the Delaware River.

We are...once again...counting our blessings, knowing it could have been much worse!

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  1. Wow, glad to hear you are well and the damage was not too bad. Here on the west coast of Canada, we are so used to that swaying that we hardly notice anymore. Sometimes we don't even know it happened until someone mentions they saw it on the news and calls us all in a panic!