Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Dancing Machine

First off, I must give credit where credit is due…my honey chose the title for this blog…I used it because it was better than mine...thanks, dear.

Since I am now back “online”, I will try not to subject you to lengthy blogs. I can now post one every time my mind is tickled by something!

The construction process is moving along slowly…steady but slow. This week the drywallers are here finishing. I love that word! The flooring guy is here laying the remaining floor. By the end of next week we should be 95% contractor free!!..and I can begin the unpacking process. I am not sure if I am looking forward to that or not! I am hoping to post a few pics of “before” and “after” once all the construction vehicles are gone…so, stay tuned!

It seems that, as of today, each room has at least one unfinished area. The kitchen needs some trim under the counter and some baseboard…the master bedroom has a hole in the closet wall…the master bathroom needs to be caulked…the living room mantle must be hung…the great room ceiling needs a complete makeover (it was too cold when the drywall was hung so it is in great need of repair…I am glad because I did not like the color I chose and want to change it)…the upstairs 2 bedrooms and bath are….well, they are still as they were when we first saw the place. Hopefully the drywallers will take care of that today and start the ball rolling! And then there is the laundry room…sigh…

I have not visited a laundromat in many, many years. I found one in the small town of Bath…really quite clean, I must add. One week I did 5 loads at once. There is some benefit to laundomats, I guess. But, I miss doing my laundry in my own home.

I do have a working dryer thanks to Brian…the electric guy. But my washer is another story. I could have called the plumber or Sears where we purchased it to have it installed. But instead one of our contractor friends started the process. He moved it into the laundry room…prior to that it was in the great room next to the boxes piled up to the ceiling. It then sat in the laundry room, untouched, for several days. My honey, having heard me mention it maybe just a few times, decided to hook the darn thing up.

The little instruction book that comes with the washer was missing…lost somewhere between the great room and the laundry room…which is about 20 feet. I have searched, but it is nowhere to be found. “How hard can this be???” my honey asks. So my honey got out his favorite tools and went to work. I love watching him figure out stuff…if your guy is anything like my guy they don’t need directions to figure things out…right?

Well, within just a few minutes we were ready to go. Smiling from ear to ear…more because I was happy that I could now wash my clothes in the privacy of my own home than the fact that he successfully accomplished the connection process…my honey helped me load the first pile of clothes into the washer. We turned it on and off we went. But alas, when the spin cycle started we were summoned back by the loud noise of a washer that is unbalanced. Now ladies…you’ve heard this noise once or twice when you may have overstuffed the washer. But my washer was not overstuffed. I am certain of this. There the two of us were…lying across the top of the “dancing machine”…getting quite the workout, I might add…trying to keep it from dancing itself right out into the hall. I was finding the whole thing rather funny…and was laughing hysterically. Lesson learned…laughter is not always contagious!

So now I am back to square one and must reach out to my plumber or Sears to fix what is causing my washer to have such a lack of equipoise…that’s a real word…look it up! My honey…well, he’s done with the plumbing… and is off to build a workbench on wheels and shelves in the garage. His domain…his cave. Or in his words… “check out time”!

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  1. HAHA - what an appropriate title!! And, here I thought your story was going to be about our last Christmas party and how you and Lex were "the dancing machineS"!!!! :)