Friday, January 30, 2009


If any of you have ever moved from one place to another you know how easy it is to misplace things...even when you thought you had it all organized. I am a very organized person by nature. Just ask anyone who knows me. I organize everything from my spice the clothes in my closet...hanging by color and type...oh, so soothing to me!

This move has really been a challenge for the normally organized side of my brain. I don't know if it is an age thing...a menopausal thing...or just that the Money Pit looks like an episode of Lucy (as my friend Denise pointed out)...I just can't remember where I put things I have unpacked.

Before we left Minnesota I organized a box to travel with us...actually it became most of the back of the truck...with all of the important things that we would need when we arrived here...without having to dig in boxes that are clearly not marked clearly enough!! Things like bills to be stuff (that's just around the corner, you know)...all the loose screws (teehee) and extra left over stuff I found when the 2 guys from Texas were done taking things apart...and, alas, any keys that were of great importance...such as for cars and the safe!!

We have a portable safe...not sure how that really secures things since if anyone really wanted what was inside they could just walk away with the whole thing! Inside it we keep, you know, stuff that needs to be "safe" wouldn't be too smart of me to tell all of cyberspace what is inside. However, I will tell you one thing that is...our passports.

I need to get a Pennsylvania driver's license again. Even though it is considered a renewal license because I had one "forever" up until 8 years ago, I still need to come with proof of identity and a few pieces of mail...bills, etc...that are adressed to me at this new address. Now, that took some time. All of our utilities are in Lex's name. Well, that proves he lives here.

Finally, two days ago, our property tax bill arrived. It had my name on it since I did get to sign all the legal stuff regarding the purchase of the Money Pit. So off I went to get my passport out of the safe.

Hmmmmm.....where did I put those keys. I just had them in my hand the other day and announced to my honey "Here are the keys to the safe." From that second on, I have no memory of where I may have put them for "safe" keeping. I have searched everywhere that seems like a logical place where an organized person might have put them. Still no luck. Maybe they are in the safe!

I will continue the search, as I will have to get the driver's license eventually.

Heck....I can't even get my Sam's card until I have my license!

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