Sunday, January 4, 2009

The next chapter

Lex and I love to read. We can sit by the ocean and be lost for hours in a good book. But, although we share the love of books, we do not share the same reading style. My honey is a very fast reader, and is able to absorb what he has read and quickly go to the next chapter often times starting and finishing a book in the same day. I, on the other hand, like to read a chapter, and sometimes go back and reread a favorite section, pondering on what I have read…analyzing it…slowly savoring the words and enjoying each one. I am usually not anxious for the book to end, but want it to go on forever.

I enjoy many authors and many types of books. I enjoy reading a good mystery, a good love story, simple stories about life experiences and especially a good series of books. You can really get to know the characters in a series. They become close friends whose lives you share on each page.

There is one author that I enjoy the most….the One that is writing my life story. He writes some chapters that although I may not really enjoy, I must experience them from the very beginning to the very end. So often there is quite a twist at the end of the chapter if I can just hang in there day by day…page by page.

Lex and I moved our family to Minnesota in August of 2000….8 ½ years ago. We had lived in Pennsylvania most of our married life and our four children were born there. All my family lives in the Pennsylvania/New Jersey area. I was born and raised in New Jersey….so all of my childhood friends are there. Needless to say, none of us were very excited to move away. Except my honey, who was ready to turn the page and start the next chapter.

I fought the change internally for a couple of years after the move but on the outside I was showing my kids what a great place Minnesota was. My family and friends back east only knew it as “Minnefreakinsnowta” during that time. Unknowingly, each day God was showing me that Minnesota was actually a great place for our family….a great place for me. It was, after all, a chapter in His book. His plan for our lives, but definitely NOT a part of my plan.

You’ve all been there. In charge of your life…or rather thinking you were in charge. Funny how He uses events in our life to “Shake us up” only to “Wake us up”. God shook me so hard that I finally got it…and got my priorities straight. I’ve become a better person since I’ve lived in Minnesota…a better wife and mother…a better friend, and I’ve grown closer to my Lord. What a great plan! What an awesome chapter this has been.

But this chapter is ending. God’s plan is taking us back to the place I have always called “home”. We are moving back to Pennsylvania. I am happy to be moving back to family and old friends. But, He is not ending this chapter without a twist.

This chapter that I fought so hard not to like has touched me in a way that will be with me forever. This weekend has really been hard for me. I said goodbye to some very good friends. The Minnesota characters in my book…the book of my life that He has already planned out to the very end.

I will take these next few days, and reread a few favorite sections, analyze all the good times, and savor each memory . I have really gotten to know these characters….and they have become lifetime friends. This chapter has been a mystery, a love story and also simply about life experiences.

But I am approaching the next chapter a bit differently. I am hoping that each of the Minnesota characters will show up in this chapter and all of the ones to follow. And, if that’s the case, this time I can’t wait to turn the pages quickly just to see who’s there!!!


  1. Patty, I'm so excited you're blogging. Thank you for sharing this very important lesson!

  2. Patty, this is so beautiful. I thought you said you were worried about being a blogger.

  3. Tears, tears, tears, tears...........not sure when I'll stop crying!!!!!

  4. I love you all and will miss each of you!!! Thanks for checking in on me! <3