Monday, June 8, 2009

Funny to you, maybe...

My good friend, Laura, has just moved from Minnesota to New Jersey, about one hour from me. I have been so excited...anticipating this move for months now...and yesterday she and her family arrived on our doorstep on the way to their "new" home. You all know how happy I am to be back here...and it is just the "icing on the cake" having some of our friends from Minnesota living nearby. Another good friend is expected to arrive some time this summer. Thanks, Verizon!!!

While here Laura reminded me of a story I had told her a few years back about a funny thing that happened to me in my other Pennsylvania home. I thought it was time to share it with you. It is a most bizarre story!!

I had a neighbor...who shall remain nameless, of course...who once had a squirrel for a pet. read that right...a squirrel. Apparently they found an abandoned baby squirrel on their property and decided to "raise" it as a pet.

Now this neighbor loved this silly squirrel...and had been spotted at the township ballfield with "Timmy" nestled in her shirt between her breasts! Oh..."Timmy" was the squirrels name. Weird story, you say??? Gets weirder!!

One day I was out in my green minivan depositing the children at their four separate destinations for their four separate sports activities which I would some how try to be present for an equal amount of time. Whew! Those were the days!! I saw a lot of two-inning games back then.

On this particularly warm and sunny day I had to return home because one of the kids had forgotten their glove...or ballcap...or cleats...or something of great importance. Mom had to "save the day".

I parked in the back of my house...ran and got the item...and hurried back and got into the van. Every moment was crucial here. As I turned the key...suddenly...out of no where...there appeared...IN MY LAP...a squirrel!! I screamed...opened the car door...started running frantically up the street...with the creature clinging to my pant leg for dear life!!!

There, at the edge of her yard, stood my favorite neighbor...with her two adorable children...laughing hysterical...saying it's only "Timmy"!
I am not exactly sure what happened after that...shock set in I am certain...but I do know that "Timmy" lived there for a while before he was finally released to search for his squirrel mom.

So...there you have bizarre squirrel "tale". Thanks, Laura, for reminding me!

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