Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dreams or reality?

I had the most bizarre thing happen to me this morning...and I just had to share it right away.

We have all experienced those weird dream moments right before waking when in our dream the phone is ringing and then we realize it really know those moments. It is a surreal feeling to experience our subconscious working at that level. I have never studied the mind...I guess that is why I am, at times, mindless...but I am certain it would be a fascinating study!

This morning I was deep in dreamland...I was working in the front of my house planting my new with nature. Cailyn was there just playing and laughing. It was a glorious moment and I was enjoying two of my favorite "pass times"...gardening and watching my granddaughter just do the things she does!

Suddenly a thought came to me in my dream. "It must be time for the alarm to go off right....(my thoughts paused)...and then I thought...NOW"...and the alarm went off!!!

I hit the snooze button...gradually coming back to reality...understanding that I was not in my flower bed...but my warm and snugly bed with my honey right beside me and no Cailyn in sight.

But how did I know when the alarm would go off???? And even better...why was that thought even in my head while I was gardening??? That is the ONE time that I rarely think about time...I mostly just get lost in my thoughts...mindless.

I will ponder this a bit more I am sure. Tick....tock...tick...tock...

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