Saturday, May 30, 2009

Spreading the "Word"

We have many trees on our property. Remember the Chainsaw Party a few blogs ago? My honey and his "buds" were clearing the property of a few trees so that we could put in a pool. It was quite the event!

Today I discovered a tree I had never seen before. One that is really quite beautiful...with pretty yellow flowers. After surfing the web I found out it is called a yellow poplar...or tulip tree. I will try my best to make sure that this tree is never a victim of the chainsaw gang!

About 3 weeks ago there was a knock a the door. The local electric company had hired a tree service to trim all of the trees that touch the power lines. The man standing at my door worked for the tree service and was there to inform me that they would be cutting back some trees on our property. "Was I interested in keeping the wood that they cut, or should he haul it away?" Well, since there are countless things that I now know can be made out of logs I told him we would like to keep the wood.

The next day my honey was riding by where they had trimmed our trees. There lying on the ground next to one of the trees, was a piece of freshly cut wood...and carved into the wood was the Christian "fish symbol". It was really quite beautiful to see...a simple carving by some one's chainsaw...a refreshing reminder that we Christians are not alone out there.

We've kept the piece of wood and gave it a resting spot at the entrance to the bridge. Here we can see it everyday as we enter our property. It is a great way to remind us just how blessed we are. Thank you, Jesus!...and thank you our anonymous Christian friend.

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