Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Adjusting to Mother Nature

I love it here...the woods...the creek...but mostly the serenity. It's a good thing, because being surrounded by Mother Nature has brought me into close contact with things I really tried to steer clear of in the past.

I have never really been the "outdoorsy" type. Although I did a little camping (church camp) when I was in grade school...I was always happy to get back home to my own bed and bathroom. I am not a fan of bugs and critters.

Now the deer that I see from my window...and the geese I chase down the lane...and the ducks I see swimming in the creek...and the blue heron that circles our property...these are all beautiful sights...great examples of the sheer wonder of God's creation. And they are all far enough away from me that I do not worry whether or not they will come close enough to me to actually touch me. But...there are some of God's creatures that are too bold for me.

Let's take for instance bugs...yikees! From carpenter ants...to spiders...to Pennsylvania's version of a "stink bug"...to centipedes...to silverfish...I have experienced them all. I hate bugs...they really make me feel all crrrreeeeppppy...and crrrraaaawwwwlllly. And critters???...that's another whole level of creepy crawly yuckiness!

I think that all critters such as rodents and snakes should be banned from the earth! Mice...rats...snakes...are totally gross creatures that just give me the "heebiejeebies". All of these have reared their ugly heads here at the Money Pit...but thank goodness I have not crossed paths with any of them personally.

I know that they are all a part of Mother Nature...I just wish they were silent partners and/or nocturnal so that I would never have a chance to cross their paths. My honey does his best to shelter me from them...however...the fact remains they are here...and actually were here before us...so they do have some claim to the property.

I know I must learn to adapt to them...since this is hopefully our last stopping place before I reach the pearly gates. I will try hard to be brave. But, maybe they could all become extinct...like the dinosaurs. No one misses the dinosaurs, right?

But...here's a thought...do you think there are bugs and critters in Heaven? I sure hope not.

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