Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Sweater Maker

Some of us have been blessed with a creative relative who likes to share their talent with other members of the family. I have one of those dear Aunt Jean.

My Aunt an octogenarian...used to make her own clothes...sing in in the church choir...bowl every week and very well, I might add...and work outside the home as a corporate secretary. She loved to travel by car, and has visited all of the states in our country (of course she did not drive to a couple!)...but has lived in only two of those states, New Jersey and Nevada.

She also has been knitting for as long as I can remember. Over the years I have received countless items hand knit by her: Christmas stocking...sweaters...hat/scarfs...sweaters...Barbie clothes...sweaters...a afghan...and sweaters...just to name a few.

My all time favorite was knit in the 70s when I was in high school. She made me a burnt orange jumpsuit!! It had stripes of tan and brown around the collar and cuffs. It was made with HUGE bellbottom pant legs. WOW!!!...what a flashback I just had!! LOL!! I was quite stunning in it!! The thing is, though, it weighed more than me at the time!!!

She has knit my children their baptismal clothes...sweaters...their Christmas stockings...sweaters... hats/scarfs...sweaters...afghans...and sweaters.

She knits for EVERY family member...her sisters and spouses...nieces/nephews and spouses...great nieces/nephews and their spouses and children...and so on and so on. She knits for about 50 people that I know of, and probably a bunch that I don't!!

Every year...without fail...for as far back as the beginning of time...she has knit everyone a sweater for Christmas...a different style each a multitude of colors. It was no surprise what was inside her package!

This past Christmas we did not receive sweaters. This year she retired her knitting needles and is giving her tired hands a rest. It was strange not to receive her sweaters. A family tradition has ended.

Someone will have to learn how to knit. "Knit one...pearl two"! That is all that I remember from the one time she tried to teach me. But the thing is...I remember the words...just not what they mean!

Someone will have to continue the tradition of the Christmas stockings. Every family member has one! The new grandbaby will need one!

Leigh???...Carrie???...Jessie???...Will???...which one of you will it be? I am certain Aunt Jean would love to teach one or all of you!!!

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