Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A one of kind "treasure"

My friend, Jean, and I spent her birthday browsing at a flea market near us. I love flea markets. You can find some real "treasures" at flea markets.

I have been to this particular Tuesday flea market many times...and it has always been packed full of vendors and shoppers. But because they were open on Memorial Day, only a handful of vendors set-up their tables today....apparently only the desperate to move their goods vendors.

Now...if you have ever been to a flea market you know that some of the vendors are just pedaling knock-offs of someone else's hard work...I have been known to purchase these items in the past. Some of the vendors are selling food items, or flowers, or perfumes. Some of the vendors deal only in antiques.

Well...apparently these vendors were home resting up after a long and busy holiday weekend where sales were good so therefore a much needed break was warranted. Very few of them were set-up today.

The majority of the vendors there today were selling the miracle creams and lotions...the velvet paintings...the CDs of artists who have been dead and gone a long time...and the 2008 calendars. And then there were the "creative" type vendors that were displaying the goods they "created" with their own hands. You know...license plates made into birdhouses and purses...jewelry made out of broken pieces of china or bottle caps...garden decorations made from old garden tools decorated with things like door knobs and keys and old silverware and coffeepots. These are the fun things to see...things that you may or may not say..."wow...I never would have thought of that!"

Occasionally at these vendor tables you will find a real "treasure"...a true conversation piece...an unbelievable one-of-a-kind gem!!

Today I found that treasure! I walked past it...almost missing it completely...then slowly realized what I was seeing. I quickly brought Jean's attention to it. She squinted...focused...giggled and then just turned and walked away. I, on the other hand, could not move.

I was frozen to the spot...my eyes filling with tears...the laughter rising from deep inside me! I could not believe what I was seeing. I think it must have been created by a husband/wife team. They discovered a way to bring their two worlds together...working side by side to create the perfect piece.

You must have just the right decor to display this work of art. I knew immediately I did not have it. But some where out there one of you may. I guess it would be a cross between a yurt and a ladies bathroom.

I can give you directions to the flea market if you are interested. Something tells me it will still be there next week!

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