Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sisterhood of the Traveling "Pee your Pants" - part 1

Day one of our adventure started off with a road trip to Baltimore to meet our cruise ship. The three hour drive was filled with teasing and laughing, much like the rest of the trip. I would have expected nothing less.

When I picked up my sisters they were "fully loaded" and ready to go. I described my packing process to you in my P's and B's blog, and mentioned how my suitcase was stuffed...and "padded". Well, their suitcases put mine to shame! They both had a very large suitcase like know the super duper one that you are always afraid will take you over the 50lb limit on an airplane...and some how managed to put even more in there than I could have imagined.

Now, I also brought a small tote...more like an over sized which my purse nestled quite nicely...along wih two books, my jewelry...which I always carry with me, cell phone charger and a few snacks to keep my blood sugar in check. I also had my camera and case, which I carried separately.

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia (M3) brought, in addition to her super duper suitcase, a smaller overnight rolling bag, and a very large tote in which you could not have fit a toothpick even if you wanted too!...and her purse.

Sissy brought, in addition to her super duper suitcase, a smaller overnight rolling bag, a very large overly stuffed tote, her purse, AND a back pack that was as heavy as your bookbag on the first day of school when you brought all your books home to cover in brown paper bags. (Just had to throw that in there! LOL!!)

Fitting all of that in the car was challenging. Sissy shared the back seat with her super duper suitcase and one ton bookbag. Not only were the suitcases stuffed, but so was the car. The adventure begins!

Sissy works at a job that stresses her to the max...she is so looking forward to retirement!! Anyway, I think she needed this trip more than any of us, which was so obvious just a few miles down the road. I looked in my rearview mirror...and there she was...well relaxed...reading her morning newspaper. There was no reading for me until I got to the ship. Have you ever tried getting into a good novel while navigating the PA turnpike??? Not recommended!! And so, for the rest of the car ride we referred to Sissy as "Miss Daisy".

I peeked on her again when the shuffling of the paper had stopped. She had finished her reading and was sound asleep...enjoying a much needed nap. My eyes, on the other hand, in spite of the early hour, were wide open and watching the road...except for the occasional peek in the rearview mirror.

Now, M3 was not reading or napping either, as she was busy filling the position of copilot. Copilots need to stay alert for any detour signs that the GPS won't let the driver know about. And also to keep talking in case the driver feels at all like shutting her eyes!

So...we are driving along, making great time I might add, when suddenly there is a familiar that I had smelled just a few days before while preparing for the cruise...coming from the back seat. There sits "Miss Daisy" painting her fingernails! Her vacation had started for sure!

When we finally reached the port we unloaded our overstuffed bags and proceeded to the area to go through customs in order to board the ship. I was walking quite comfortably with my tote in hand, and camera bag on my shoulder. The sisters were lollygagging along...rolling their overnight bags behind...while juggling their very full tote bags, purses...and ton bookbag. They needed to stop every so often to "switch hands" or "reshift the load". They needed a bellman...that's for sure! Hmmmmmmmm....

I breezed along...and boarded the ship first. Now who's vacation had started!

Stay tuned...the adventure continues!

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