Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sisterhood of the Traveling "Pee Your Pants" - part 2

Before I continue with day 2 of our adventure I did want to talk a little about the first few hours once we boarded. As always, my sisters continued to make me laugh, leaving me with some great blog material!

A few days before our travels began we had a "sister meeting" over dinner to discuss what we were going to bring with us...mostly how many evening meals would require dressy attire. Although we chose to dine using "open seating"...we still wanted to "dress up" on the "elegant dining" evenings.

During this discussion Sissy piped up with..."OK, so we each take one pair of sandals, one pair of sneakers, and one pair of dressy shoes!" M3 and I looked at her like she was a stranger from some other family, and I replied..."well, sorry "Mom", but I plan on bringing as many shoes as needed to complete as many outfits as I think necessary for a 7-day cruise!" we are unpacking...which I will give a little more detail on below...Sissy digs out her "three pairs of shoes" from one of her four bags and places them in the bottom of the closet.

Guess she liked my idea better. She actually brought more shoes than I did!

So the unpacking process had begun. As I may have mentioned in previous blogs, I tend to be a bit organized. There is a term for this behavior that I never really I'll stick with "detail oriented" and "properly prepared". After all, I was once a Girl Scout!

After determining whose clothes would be on which shelf and hung in which closet we proceeded to place our giant overstuffed bags on the beds and dig in. I opened my bag, took out all of my "dressy things"...which I packed on the hangers...walked over to my designated hanging area and put everything away. I returned to my suitcase where I had folded neatly and paired together all of my outfits for the week. I reached in and retrieved the pile...went to my assigned section in the wardrobe and placed them neatly on the shelf. Next were my P's and B's, and of course PJ's.... my perfectly coordinated shoes...and last but not health and beauty aids...coined by Sissy as "haba daba". Done! That was a record 5 minutes...I had put my suitcase under the bed and was relaxing...reading a book...totally on vacation.

Sissy and M3 were plugging along for the next 40 minutes unpacking...untangling (M3 packed her hangers separate)...back and forth...back and forth...from bed to closet. Exhausting to watch! Then there was the designated pill drawer where the two of them stuffed their gallon size baggies full of medicine bottles. I will mention here that my pills were in one of those 7-day pill containers, tucked away in my purse.

It was definitely an adventure...and quite entertaining to watch! And yes, another "pee your pants moment", at least for me!

Stay tuned for day 2!

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