Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sisterhood of the Traveling "Pee Your Pants" - Part 3

Well, I could go on and on with what happened our first few hours on the ship. From trying to locate our cabin (picture the sisters with their rolling suitcases, carry bags, purses and bookbag) across the lounge area, up the elevator, only to find out that it was not ready yet so going all the way back down to the lounge area where we started; to giggling over the abundance of naked "artwork" all over the ship (a Renaissance theme) while sipping on our "drink of the day". Needless to say we were exhausted at the end of the day, so after dinner we hit the beds early.

Let the snoring begin. Each of us claimed to be "awake all night" hearing the other two snore! Not really sure how that is possible!

Enter...Day 2.

It's my birthday!!! Happy birthday to me! My honey made sure to send all kinds of fun things to our cabin to help celebrate like...chocolate covered strawberries and petite fores...a box filled with teeshirts, visors, champagne, glasses, and coupons for free drinks and discounted photos on board...and a yummy chocolate cake. So, we decided to raid the refrigerator for the orange juice and have mimosas and cake to celebrate the day.

A great way to start any day!!!!!! Highly recommended!!!

The day was sunny and a perfect day to relax on deck reading a book and sipping a cocktail or two. We searched for three empty chairs by the pool but everyone else on board had the same plan. So we headed to the upper deck where it was much more peaceful...still crowded...but warm and sunny, none the less. And relax we did!!

Dinner time was the first of two "elegant dining" dress attire evenings. It was fun getting all dressed up and heading out for pictures on the way to dinner. One thing they do a lot of on cruise ships is take your picture! Good thing I had that coupon for discounted photos!

After dinner we stopped at one of the many bars located on board. We had seen a display of martini "samplers" and thought we would stop and check it out. Now, my sisters have never been martini drinkers until I introduced them to a blueberry martini at one of our favorite restaurants back home. I thought "this should be fun!"

The martini sampler consisted of 4 mini martinis...our choice of flavors from a menu of eight different concoctions. We made our choices...watched the bartender work his magic...and the sipping began. The the way...was closing this particular bar for the there we sat...just the three of us...celebrating my birthday with a little tini...or two...or three...or four. Yummmmmmm!

The best part of all of this was watching M3...the one that hardly ever drinks...quickly down three of her tinis and then say some pretty silly things. There is no sense trying to write them here because they were all "in the moment" and the humor would be lost in translation. Rest assured, there were lots of giggles and "pee your pants" moments!

So my birthday came and went...the first one that I ever spent without my honey since we have been married. It was a little strange for sure. But the sisters did a great job making it a fun day.

The thing that stands out the most about this day and the event that made the most vivid memory was that this was the day that Osama Bin Laden was killed.

I will always remember what I was doing when I got that news...that's for certain!

Stay tuned...Day 3 is on the way!

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