Sunday, December 28, 2008

Counting the days

I have found myself counting days ever since Thanksgiving was over….

  • Counting the days until we left for PA to make our last check on the house before the big move.

  • Counting the days until I picked up Cailyn to spend 10 days with Grandy and GP.

  • Counting the days until Carrie arrived with D’dad and my niece, Kate.

  • Counting the days until my Mom, Dad, Carol, my sister and Jim, her husband arrived.

  • Counting the days until Jessie graduated from NDSU (go, Jess…we’re so proud of you!)

  • Saying goodbye to Carrie and Cailyn, and counting the days until I will see them again…way too many to count :(

  • Counting the days until Christmas.

  • Counting the days until the packers arrive.

  • Counting the days until we hug the kids for the last time and close the door.

  • Counting the days to say goodbye to all my Minnesota friends.

    But…it’s not goodbye.

    These last few weeks have been a very emotional time for me. I have been reminded each day of the great friendships I have made in Minnesota. The gamenight gals showered me with gifts that will remind me of all the fun we have shared over the years. My Bible study friends surprised me with a luncheon which included my ex-coworkers, the church staff. Every time I go somewhere in town I see someone I know and the tears automatically start flowing. I have been hugged, kissed, wished well, and felt so loved….how can I possibly say goodbye?? With tears of sadness, I say….I love you all dearly, and will take a little of each of you with me. Therefore….this is not goodbye, but merely a pause….until we meet again. I’m counting the days!

Thanks for the memories, my dear friends. Y

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