Saturday, December 27, 2008

Gone in a BLINK

I wasn’t sure if I would ever be ready for this. An empty nest sounded so…..well….empty. Seems like my days have always been filled with kissing booboos, wiping runny noses, cleaning up dinner remnants from the floor, but, enough of my husband….you’ll get to know more about him as the time goes by, of that I am sure!

The children…ahhhh…, when you want to be reminded of all of your bad habits, just sit back and watch your kids. If only there was a fast-forward button to push so that you could stop what you were about to do before you teach the little munchkins things that will only make you shutter years down the road.

Motherhood, or “Mothercraft” (which according to a Minnesotan friend of mine was an actual course taught back “in the day”), is the most rewarding and yet frustrating job there is. I would not have traded one nanosecond (is that a word?) of it! I LOVED being a mother, up until my oldest reached about 14, continuing until my youngest reached 18. Since there are four of my clones running around, that spans about 11 years of sheer Mothermadness.

You must know that I jest. Although the majority of the teenage years were nothing but challenge after challenge, they flew by much too quickly, and before I knew it….empty nest. You can’t get them back once they’ve flown the coop.

Oh, wait….did I just say that? My house was built with a revolving door. They move out, they move in, they move out… is hard to keep up with all the packing! But, it does make a mother’s heart feel good to know that you must have done something right to make them feel that they can’t live on their own and need you to take care of them. Or is that something wrong….and I should have taught them how to be independent and live on their own? Well, what’s done is done. And basically they have all turned out to be quite independent and capable of living on their own….once they try it!

But this whole empty nest thing is……..quiet, clean, freeing, and romantic! I guess it’s not so bad after all. However, I do enjoy a visit once in a while! As long as they call first!!

Wait…which one is that coming in the garage with an armload of boxes???!!!


  1. Patty! I'm so happy you started a blog! You will have so much fun and WE will have so much fun keeping caught up with you. I'm so sad you're leaving us soon. :-( Love ya' lots. Can't wait to read the next entry!! :-)

  2. Thanks, "Mom", for all the encouragement that I could do this! :)