Saturday, December 27, 2008

Look Mom

“Look, Mom…look what I’m doing?!” my son exclaimed as he washed out a pan he had just dirtied while making a dip that he had to have right now…even though it’s lunchtime, and he has not had anything to eat yet today! Oh, the life of a college age youngin’. That comment took me back to the many, many, many, times I have heard that phrase over the years from each of my four kids.

You remember….if you’re a mother you must have heard those words at least once. It starts when they are young enough that everything they do is still cute. “Mom, watch me dive in the pool”… “Mom, count how long I can hold my breath under water”… “Mom, watch me ride my bike”… “Mom, look at the page I just colored”…remember??

I guess it doesn’t matter how old they are they still need your approval, praise and undivided attention. And as long as you’re a mom you still need them to look for your approval, praise and attention. No matter how old they are, no matter where they are living….you still need to be needed. Right?

I will miss each of them soooooo much. This time we are packing the boxes, heading to PA…our old stomping grounds…in just 2 weeks! But leaving behind our adult kids is a very hard thing to do. We hold on to the hope that at least one of them will want to move closer to us so I can hear the words “Look, Mom….” again, and again, and again!


  1. I'll bet you still get plenty of "guess what"'s on the phone!

  2. I love hearing from them, for whatever reason! The "guess what's", the "how do you's", the "miss you's"....never enough of them!