Monday, December 29, 2008

Well, the pressure is on

First thing this morning I went to my freezer and removed 3 large ziploc bags. I love those things….they have countless uses!! That’s a future blog idea.

Anyway, after a very tasty Thanksgiving dinner (Cathy, we might have to have a cook-off one day!), I had frozen some turkey, juices and gravy, and of course the carcass. Yep, my mother made the best turkey soup by first cooking down the carcass to the bare bones! Isn’t the carcass already bare bones?? Curious. Well, even if you think you picked it clean, you would be amazed what still comes off after boiling it for a few hours. This became the base for a most delicious turkey soup. But first, you must, of course, remove the bones from the broth, silly.

Anyway, today is soup day. I picked today for two reasons. First, because Lex is in Pennsylvania checking on the “money pit”….another future blog….and he always likes the soup better warmed up than freshly made. And second, because this is the last meal I am cooking for my Mom and Dad, who have been visiting since December 18. Hence, the pressure is on. I must WOW my Mom, the master turkey soup maker, with my version. Yikes!

What did I say a few days ago about kids always needing their mom’s approval and praise?? Here I am at 54 years young, and still worried that I won’t measure up.

“Look, Mom…look what I made!”


  1. I thought the Money Pit was a really funny movie, until we bought a house.

    Good luck with the soup!

  2. By the way....I got a "Good soup, Patty" from my Mom. Whew! I can now sleep tonight!