Friday, July 17, 2009

A "moo moo" here and a "moo moo" there...

As you all know by now, the "BlessInn" (aka Money Pit)...I like this new name a whole lot better! nestled in among some trees. Running along the side and behind the house are two roads...not visible through the trees, but there none the less. I sit on my porch each morning (about 5:30am) to have my coffee and devotions, and I hear the traffic from the early morning commuters. It slows down as the sun comes up, and really is not annoying as I have learned to listen "beyond" the man made noise to the sound of God's creatures.

Ahhhhhh...............there are MANY of them around here.

Not only is there a choir of birds celebrating the new day, but other little creatures I have yet to identify. However...there are two sounds that are loud and clear...sounds I learned about a long time ago singing the familiar childhood song "Old MacDonald had a Farm"! There is a cow and a rooster...typical farm animals...and since there is a farm just across the street it is logical that I would hear them each day.

But these two farm animals are anything but typical. Now, I did not grow up on a farm, I am more of a "city" girl, but I have learned about farm animals on TV and in storybooks, etc. so I think I know "typical". Cows are the big black and white smelly animals that make the funny noise "moo moo". They lay down under trees when it is supposed to rain. Roosters are the ones that wake you up in the morning with a "cock-a-doodle-doo". They can also be found on weather vanes high up on the barn roof.

Am I right so far????

Well, my neighbors are not quite like my storybook friends. At around 5:30-6am each morning I can, not the rooster...but the cow...mooing quite loudly...waking up the rest of his barnyard friends. Some mornings it is REALLY loud...and goes on for a VERY long time. The "typical" alarm clock...the rooster...does not start his morning ritual until around NOON...way after I'm out of bed...and continues through most of the afternoon. Yesterday it was 6PM and he was a "cock-a-doodle-doin'" away!!

Is this weird...or am I way too "citified" to really know the habits of farm animals? OK...all my farm bred cyberfriends...hit me with your wisdom.

Meanwhile, I will just sit back and relax on my porch...and continue to be serenaded by whatever...whenever the mood strikes them!


  1. That is way too funny! Having grown up on the farm, even though we did not have livestock.....everyone around us did, my experience is farm animals make their noises all time of day when ever they feel like it! They tend to get especially loud and animated whenever they see people, which is probably what you are hearing from the cows when they get fed each morning. As for the rooster at noon...I have no idea!! As a kid, I can remember running from pigs, to cows to sheep just trying to roise them up and see how excited and loud we could get them! They would get quiet when we would hide and then really loud when we would try to jump out and scare them. Ahh....memories of growing up on the farm.....makes me sad my kids will only know farm animals from the zoo! I used to make fun of those kids when I was younger.....OOPS!!!

  2. I think the rooster must be trying to wake up my daughter as that is when she usually has her first awake time - at least this week. Let me know if the rooster all of a sudden changes his schedule!!