Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Say Cheese :)

I love to take pictures. I have gotten much better at it since my honey bought me a new camera.

I never run from a good Kodak moment. I have taken countless of the "Money Pit"...pre-construction...and during construction...and the now "BlessInn"...the finished (almost) project. I have taken pictures of Cailyn and Carter...many, many pictures! I have taken pictures of the deer in our yard...just like you, ML!

I know that I will be taking many more pictures in the when all the "little birds"...and "grandlittle birds"...are here in just a few short weeks. These pictures will be tucked away...and at some future gathering...pulled out...dusted off...and looked at...and all the memories will come flooding back. That's what pictures are for, right?

I have seen other people taking pictures of many things over the years...things they want a memory of. Things like animals at the zoo...large historical buildings...beautiful sunsets...old cars...pets in silly get the idea.

Today I saw a rather bazaar Kodak moment. I still can not figure out why this event had to be documented...why this person needed to have this memory. Not only was it strange that this person had a camera with her...but even more mind boggling as to why she chose this particular place to use it.

Today I saw a woman taking a picture of her very cute little the movie the ladies room!! As I walked in, the little girl was standing by the sink and the mom said "say cheese!"

My brain snapped a picture of that and I am afraid it will be a memory for a long time. Some things you just want to forget.

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  1. You're in a different stage of life, Patticakes. I have a camera just for my purse, so I can photodocument a spectacular toddler (or middle school) moment anywhere --like maybe a first time using the public restroom by yourself? I HOPE I don't take it that far.